Sister Bonnie Steinlage is honored by Hope Lutheran Church

1cpreview Periodically, Hope Lutheran Church in Cincinnati honors a community member who has made an outstanding contribution to the poor and homeless. This year, they chose to honor a Franciscan Sister of the Poor...

Clarian Congress: Celebrating Eight Hundred Years of the Charism of Saint Clare

e3preview The Franciscan Family of Brazil motivated all corners of the country for two years of intense work through novenas, walks and celebrations to prepare for the Clarian Congress.

The development and the situation with our ministry

7preview During June and July we had various emergencies. We assisted a woman who gave birth and had transmitted a serious infection to her child. Both needed antibiotics...

Discernment and prayer - a path to healing 2012 Brazil Area Assembly

f3preview Our Assembly took place August 26-28 at Casa São José, in Goiânia. All of the Brazil Area Sisters participated. We were also privileged to have our Sisters Tiziana Merletti and Margaret Ferri with us.

Blessing and opening of our new house

1preview The presence of Sister Marilyn Trowbridge, on behalf of the Congregational Council along with Bishop John F. Du, Archbishop of the Palo Diocese...

All are welcome!

8preview God provided a glorious day in Dumaguete on August 18th, 2012, for the blessing of the new convent residence for the Sisters. Archbishop John Du, now the local Ordinary of the Archdiocese of Palo...

Compassion and Hope

a5preview During the night of May 20 a strong earthquake hit Modena in the northern part of Italy. This is the exact province where I was born. The shocks continue even now, the situation remains unstable and difficult for thousands of displaced people...

Forgiving for Healing

b5preview It is the end of June and Sisters and Associates gather in Vermicino for the annual Area Assembly. Our process of deepening our healing charism continues and in this meeting our attention is focused specifically on forgiving.

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