An Evening of Gratitude and Celebration!

c3preview On April 28, 2012, Sts. Peter and Paul Parish in Hoboken NJ, held “An Evening of Gratitude,” honoring Sister Grace Frances Strauber, S.F.P. and the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor.

Gospel Gifts of Hope

10preview The school year has come to an end in the west and everybody is getting ready for their deserved vacation. In this part of the world summer has ended and our more fortunate children...

Second course of Iconography in Senegal: "Which Beauty will save the world?"

d7previewù Warmest greetings from Senegal! From May 8 - 13, at the Keur Mbaye Fall Novitiate in Dakar, we held the first session of another course in iconography offered by Fr. Ivan (from the Trent province in Italy) and Adriana Bonelli.

U.S. Area Assembly 2012: Facing our Future with Hope

e3preview Sr. Jo-Ann Jackowski led the Opening Ritual for the Assembly: the song, prayer and process focused on the Spirit of God, the breath of life.

God provides everything for our good

5preview Since our last update, wonderful, dramatic and painful events have occurred. They have caused terrible disruption, with the loss of many lives, property, homes, leaving behind...

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