The development and the situation with our ministry

October 2012

7Where some of our poor live During June and July we had various emergencies. We assisted a woman who gave birth and had transmitted a serious infection to her child. Both needed antibiotics (and everything else which is needed in the Philippines for a longer stay at the hospital). Helping and providing for them, even with the help of social services and charitable associations, kept us tremendously busy. We are pleased with the final outcome. Mother and son happily and gratefully returned to their decaying shelter.  A seven-month old baby barely survived an acute case of bronchopneumonia in the Holy Child Diocesan Hospital, where he was hospitalized and assisted with care until he was completely healed.
8He speaks with his eyes… A severely disabled woman, for whom we had previously provided a wheelchair, had not shown up at the shelter for months. Then one day she arrived -- without her wheelchair – dragging herself on the ground. She was feeling ill and was having difficulty talking and breathing. We took her to the emergency room and she was immediately given an IV and oxygen. Then we waited for six hours. But who could stay there longer to assist her? Here any person who is sick needs to have a person present to take care of them. Thus, following directions from the patient, the volunteer left and found her companion. We provide dinner and made sure they were settled in a hospital corridor. Then we went home tired, but happy that had we accomplished our mission.

9Boys from the alternative school

10Calayo leading relaxation exercises

We Receive another Beautiful Gift
At the end of June a young Filipino volunteer, an artist of music and dance, joined us. We placed Calayo with the youngsters in the alternative school and this was a real success! The youngsters were inspired.  Calayo managed to involve them in many relaxation and concentration exercises. Their dances were so beautiful that we did them for our welcome celebrations for Sister Marilyn and Sister Maria, garnering the joy and the approval of all.

11In the new carpentry workshop

The last piece of news from our ministry is that we now have a small carpentry workshop. One of our friends and sponsors has recycled some wood used in the packaging of home appliances and offered to build some vases with the help of one of her employees. She designed the models herself and decided to offer small compensation at the end of the day. This initiative caught the interest of our guests and has already brought important results. Who knows-- this activity could open another way to change more lives. The Lord is great; He loves his children and slowly opens new paths. He asks us to be simple and remain attentive to both needs and opportunities that present themselves on our journey.

We thank you again for everything you offer and suffer with and for us. May the Lord reward you one hundred times in the way only He can give to each as they need it. On our part, we reconfirm our commitment of remaining faithful to our ministry, with all the strength that He gives us on a daily basis.

It is not always easy; not always do we see the fruits of what we do. However, we are certain that He is with us and carries out His Work according to his infinite loving plans. We promise to pray for each of you, your families and for all the needs and desires you carry in your heart.

In the Lord that heals both Spirit and Body with love, yours,
            Sister Armida Sison
            Sister Maria Atorino
            Sister Cristina Di Nocco

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