Blessing and opening of our new house

September 2012

1Panoramic view of the new house

The presence of Sister Marilyn Trowbridge, on behalf of the Congregational Council along with Bishop John F. Du, Archbishop of the Palo Diocese and former Bishop of Dumaguete, turned this historical moment into a particularly meaningful and solemn event. About 200 friends, benefactors, religious men and women, and collaborators gathered with us for this celebration.

Here are some highlights:

  • The Ribbon Cutting by Sister Marilyn and the 98-year old Uy Matiao, father of the family
  • Blessing of the new building
  • Unveiling the plaque with the dedication of the Chapel to Mrs. Petra Elizaga UyMatiao, who   donated the land on which it is built
  • Blessing of the Chapel, Tabernacle and the Eucharist Celebration, enlivened by music and  songs from the group “White Dove” (a group of blind people);
  • Our joyful sharing of the delicious lunch offered by our beloved Linday Chua.
2Entrance and Chapel dedication plaque 3Our beautiful Chapel

Because we consider each of you as members of our extended family and participants in the building of this Mission, we share the words which appear on the Chapel’s dedication plaque:
"In this chapel, as in the hearts and hands of the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor, the enduring concern and love of Petra Elizaga Uymatiao for the poor are prayerfully entrusted."
- August 18, 2012

4Arrival of “MULTICAB” – an unexpected gift!


 An unexpected gift – a car -- arrived on the eve of the opening – a green (the color of hope!), a used “Multicab” –which works perfectly! Our new house is about five miles from downtown, where we still live in Barangay - Bajumpandan. Means of transportation are virtually non-existent, so what a tremendous act of providence this was for us to receive this gift!  We will be able to continue doing our ministry at Landog sa Paglaum (Shelter of Hope) in the city, which is near the Parish.

How can we not thank God for such care? We ask you to join your voices with ours in the thanksgiving hymn to God who knows how to inspire goodness and generosity in the hearts of so many people.  


 How is life in the new house? Work Remains in Dumaguete . . .

5Infant girl leaves the hostpital with her mother

6Two toddlers who live in the shelter

With peace we tell you that since there is still a much work that needs to be done, we are still living in the thick of Dumaguete, the city of the “polite people who never sleep.”  Who knows? Maybe we will miss all the aromas and the music, when we go! We will let you know. We are almost entirely packed and in a few days we will manage to move. Does anyone want to come and help out? We are waiting for you!



Sister Armida Sison
Sister Maria Atorino
Sister Cristina Di Nocco

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