Discernment and prayer - a path to healing 2012 Brazil Area Assembly

"God, my God, now hear this widow too; for you have made the past, and what is happening now and what will follow." (Judith 9:5)

f1Jubilee Joy! Srs. Maria Bernadete, Julia Batista, Maria Goretti

Our Assembly took place August 26-28 at Casa São José, in Goiânia. All of the Brazil Area Sisters participated. We were also privileged to have our Sisters Tiziana Merletti and Margaret Ferri with us. Sr. Margie was accompanied by her friend Roberta (Lany) Dunlop from the United States.

After the Opening Prayer, Sister Tiziana began her speech by asking the Sisters  celebrating jubilees which General Chapter had touched them the most. The response was unanimous: the last one. Because it took place in Brazil, they could all be more involved. Then Sister Tiziana explained the process of choosing Chapter Members from Brazil for our next Chapter. The selection process was to be held the next day.

Although the Assembly included serious decisions for the Brazil Area, we all experienced a climate of prayer and openness to listen to what the Holy Spirit is asking of us. We had moments of sharing by our Temporary Professed Sisters Lécia and Thalyta about the Franciscan Studies program they completed in Petrópolis last January. Then Sister Maria Lúcia spoke about her participation with Franciscans International in the Thematic Social Forum during the U N Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro. She also talked about the course she had taken there. The theme focused on the common good of creation as the center of everything. This is a local Brazilian reality and a global ecological problem as well. It was a joy to know that there was a strong Franciscan presence at the Forum, struggling to make Saint Francis an active presence in the lives of everyone, so that we all may care for nature with love as he did.

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f4Sr. Tiziana speaks at the Liturgy

On July 29, we celebrated the Golden Jubilees of Sisters Julia Batista Rocha, Maria Bernadete Batista and Maria Goretti Pereira. The spirit of joy and collaboration continued to surround us. We returned to our communities feeling spiritually replenished by this happy reunion with our Sisters and all that we experienced through these days together.

There were many powerful moments of encounter, discernment, prayer, communication, study, choice, voting and celebration at the 2012 Brazil Area Assembly. . . A special moment was to hear about the healing experience of each of our dear Sisters Bernadete, Sister Julia and Sister Goretti who celebrated their Golden Jubilees.

We had the grace to reflect on themes which showed us some healing practices through the experiences of our Sisters in recent meetings they attended.

"It is very important to bring these moments to my life as examples of love, dedication, charity and faithfulness to the service of God’s Kingdom.  It was a joy to celebrate such a beautiful Assembly."
|-  Affectionately,
 Sister Marta Gomes Pedrosa

"The events took place in an atmosphere of serene unity. There were many of us along with the family of Sisters Maria Goretti, Maria Bernadete Batista  and Julia Batista Rocha. Dom Guilherme Antonio Werlang, MSF, Bishop of the Diocese of Ipameri, presided at the solemn Eucharistic Liturgy. Dom Josias Dias da Costa, OSB, a Benedictine monk, con-celebrated.  After Mass we enjoyed a delicious festive lunch, served in the party room of Casa São José.  I thank our Sisters and Associates who kept always in tune with us during the days of the Assembly and the Jubilee celebration" –  Sister Helena Paula Carvalho

"Every Assembly I attend is, for me, a time of healing, meeting and sharing. How good it is to come together as a religious family, to share our joys, to heal and let ourselves be healed!

Throughout these last days, I had been feeling very exhausted, stressed ... but this Assembly released in me the Healing Energy of Christ. I felt renewed, freed from that burden!  I felt a force streaming out from within me and had a chance to grow and mature so as to go kindle the flame of Mother Frances’ charism! All the energy we receive from Christ must be released and expanded so that all the people surrounding us are also caught in this liberating force. I thank God for being so ever present in my life and ask Him to forgive me for the times I closed myself in my own little world.

I thank the Sisters in our Area for transmitting their positive energy to me, for being such energy channels of Christ’s Healing!  Thank you, Sisters Maria Bernadete, Maria Goretti and Julia Batista for your example of loyalty, selfless giving, surrender and dedication to God in the Congregation of the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor in your 50th year of service. Congratulations!  Your example invigorates my strength, prodding me with more vitality to walk forever this wondrous path of God! " –  Sister Lécia José da Silva

f5Renewing Vows f6Let the Celebration Begin! f7Dom Guilherme Antonio Werlang. Bishop of the Diocese of Ipameri

Sister Maria Lúcia Barbosa de Oliveira, SFP

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