Second course of Iconography in Senegal: "Which Beauty will save the world?"

d1Yaroslavskaya Mother of God d2Blessing of the icons from the first class

Warmest greetings from Senegal! From May 8 - 13, at the Keur Mbaye Fall Novitiate in Dakar, we held the first session of another course in iconography offered by Fr. Ivan (from the Trent province in Italy) and Adriana Bonelli. Twelve people participated. Among them were SFP’s, Sisters from other congregations, along with a consecrated lay person and two Benedictine priests.

During the first phase we prepared the table and design. During the second session, which will be from July 3 - 10, we will color it. The subject this year is the Yaroslavskaya Mother of God, a Russian icon similar to the “Virgin of Tenderness.”  It is more difficult to make this icon in comparison to the Pantocrator because there are two characters: Mary and the Child.

Here are some impressions from the group...

d3Sr. Rose and Sr. Domitilde laying out the first round of plaster “Each time I look upon an icon, I am touched first by the beauty of the colors and then by the light radiating from it. The beauty is in the face whether it is Jesus, Mary or any other Saint; I am drawn by the harmony and I have the impression that the figures are alive and ready to move. “ - sr. Rose Ndong, sfp
d7SFP icons and Anne Marie “Beyond the anachronistic appearance perceived by our modern spirit, the icon is clothed with the ancestral garments of the Judeo-Christian people that reflect the tradition and the culture. It witnesses to the apostolic faith and transmits the inspired image of Christ, Mary and the Saints. The icon radiates the presence of God which is spiritually in it. It seems to me that it becomes like “the tent of the encounter,” similar to the one where Moses spoke with God face to face, and this is because the eye, the heart and the spirit encounter the presence of God.” - Anne Marie Diam  
d9The final design  “For me the icon represents a reality that was and will always be. You can sense the beauty and each time I look at the icons, I feel within an interior joy, peace and faith in the Lord, who is tenderness and who has a weakness when it comes to loving humanity. In the moments of trials, I look at that icon and it helps me to begin again with the Lord, putting myself at His service with His grace.” 
 - Fr. Emmanuel Mendy, OSB
d5Our teachers - Fr. Ivan and Adriana “The beauty of the icon is a reflex of the Eternal Beauty. I love to paint icons because they express the mystery of the Incarnation, God who draws near to us.”   - Fr. Ivan, OFM

Given the fact that in iconography to draw and to paint means to pray, we remember you daily in our prayers and we are counting on yours!


d6The enthusiastic participants d8Sr. Anne Claire pastes the cloth on the table

Sr. Marvi Delrivo, sfp

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