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Dumaguete City, Marzo 2013

0 Greenery surrounds the house Our life in this mission becomes busier. Our new house in Bajumpandan requires time as does our attempt to know the life about us. On October 6, with the generous help of friends, we moved from Dumaguete City to the outskirts, in a Barancay (barrio) called Bajumpandan. You can only imagine what we have accumulated during these three years: boxes, suitcases, and much more. We have hearts full of gratitude for the immensity of God’s love and generosity, which have provided us with a beautiful, large house, immersed in the greenery of nature. What more could we possibly want? We can only say: come, see, and you will enjoy with us so much beauty!

3 Friends help us move in

This move has brought changes. Sr. Maria Atorino, as the responsible person for the Shelter of Hope Center, has continued her ministry with the help of volunteers. Sr. Cristina Di Nocco has been given the responsibility to be present at the house to develop the setting and be a presence of welcoming hospitality.

A large group of workers completed the construction. Some are still present, making the finishing touches. Slowly the house became functional and now has the appearance of a lived-in environment. Many people have come to visit! Many ask if they can come and pray, rest, and make a retreat. Old and new friends from the neighboring areas offer help. We experience through our friends the love and presence of God. We miss the city center a bit, but the silence and nature’s beauty compensates for everything.

A Graced Visit

5Precious time -- Sr. Licia and the young women
9 Jonna Marie with Hope Community

We received blessings from the visit of Sr. Tiziana Merletti and Sr. Licia Mazzia on January 6-15. We had some intense days of sharing, evaluation and planning for the future. It was beautiful to have the opportunity to tell them about our program for young women interested in our SFP life, called “Come and See.”

Sr. Tiziana and Sr. Licia shared with the young interested women the highlights of their vocation stories. We enjoyed having them meet these women for prayer and sharing. Sr. Tiziana spoke about the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor and also about the Associate relationship. We experienced the graces that the Lord gives through the gift of our Congregational leadership. We warmly thank them for this visit, which we hope will bear fruits.

With great joy and gratitude we share with you the gift of the arrival in our community of Jonna Marie Balongag, the first young woman who has asked to have an experience of our SFP life. She had wanted to join us for some time. Now that we have a house, we have been able to open our door, and begin a new adventure, which we call “Come and Stay” in which women come and live
with us for an interval of time. We ask you to support this experience with prayer. It is very important and vital for the future of our mission, so that other young women will join Jonna Marie.

Another new entry in our life has been Bella, a sweet and affectionate dog, who will help us guard the house, even though for now we are the ones taking care of her! Sr. Armi,  good teacher that she is, trains Bella with affection to carry out her duties.

1 Flowers are everywhere! 2 Sr. Armi with Bella
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