25 Years of graces in Temento: Mary, model of our Faith

1 From March 2 to March 3, we had the inter-diocesan pilgrimage (Kolda-Ziguinchor) to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Peace in Temento.  Started by some believers of the Deanery of Ziguinchor on the Third Sunday of Lent in March 1988, this walk of Faith has perpetuated itself until today, when we celebrate its 25th anniversary.

This pilgrimage is unique because it began as a tribute to Msgr. Joseph Faye and other spiritual pioneers of the new evangelization in Casamance, who were recognized during the Mass. Throughout all these pilgrimage preparations, many people mobilized for weeks to clean the site. The creativeness in the Liturgy and the excellent collaboration between the two dioceses has been remarkable. Since the eve of the pilgrimage, large crowds of people flowed progressively to the sanctuary and were solemnly welcomed by Msgr. Jean-Pierre Bassene and Msgr. Paul Abel Mamba.

Starting with a beautiful procession with Our Lady of Peace, the pilgrims sang beautiful hymns including the “Ave Maria,” which Mary welcomed like more roses in her bouquet. There was another beautiful night procession with torches which opened a prayer vigil.

The same day, Our Lady arrived as usual on board of a pirogue (a traditional African fishing boat). She was welcomed by the crowds of pilgrims who had come for the Eucharistic Celebration. During this liturgy, the message for everyone was to re-center our life on Christ while looking to Mary as a model and educator in every area of our lives.

2We were very pleased to participate actively and spiritually in this meaningful event. We became aware that God is at work in the world through our humble humanity. Through our joy, our nearness and our solidarity with people of our environment, we try to express our Faith and bring souls to Christ.

Sisters of the Kairo Community, Samine Kolda


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