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On Saturday, November  2 – the Feast of All Souls – we held a Mass of Remembrance for Sisters and Associates who died during 2013. We gathered together with Father Fred Link, OFM, as the celebrant, and both Sisters and Associates carrying out various aspects of the liturgy.  Father Link is a cousin of Sr. Adelaide Link; his homily was both touching and humorous with numerous references to various Sisters and Associates he has known over the years.

 dotmassofrem 01Each candle represents a sacred lifemassofrem 02Fr. Fred Link, Sr. Adelaide Link and Associate Pat Wahl

Following the homily, Sr. Mary Madonna Hoying shared a brief reflection about the lives and contributions of each person as either an Associate or a Sister placed a candle on the altar for each of our beloved Sisters and Associates who had died:

 dotmassofrem 03Sr. Arlene McGowanmassofrem 04Sr. Loretta Mick
dotmassofrem 05Associate Dorothy Agricolamassofrem 06Associate Mary Penistonmassofrem 07Associate Ruth Cronin

This warm and caring liturgy was followed by a short reception and refreshments as Sisters, Associates, family and friends shared their memories and thoughts with each another.

This was the first time that we shared a formal, collective remembrance…but people were so touched and delighted by this service that it surely will not be the last!

massofrem 08Sr. Joanne shares memories at reception


 Leah Curtin, Associate

Published: November 8, 2013

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