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 Rites of passage mark important steps in the lives of people and groups

On December 1, 2013, the first Sunday of Advent, we experienced a meaningful step as Franciscan Sisters of the Poor, as we celebrated the installation of our Congregational Leadership elected at the last General Chapter. The ceremony took place in the Assumption Parish hall in Brooklyn Heights. About 70 people participated, including Sisters, Associates, collaborators, employees, friends and parishioners.

newleadinst 01The new leadership team

After Sr. Tiziana and Sr. Licia’s welcome, we immersed ourselves in our healing charism by watching a video showing images of our SFP life and ministries over the past 5 years. The contemplation and gratitude for what we have lived have launched us into newleadinst 02Sr. Licia Mazzia's welcome the future. Mother Frances’s invitation: “Let God transform you with His creative hands” and Mary Magdalene’s announcement on Easter morning: “I have seen the Lord!” have strengthened us in our desire to set free the healing energy of Christ everywhere.

The heart of the celebration was the goodbye for the outgoing Leadership Team and the installation of the new group. To thank Sr. Tiziana Merletti, Sr. Joanne Schuster, Sr. Anna Ingoglia and Sr. Laura Cantello, we expressed the gift that each one of them has been for us: “Thank you, Sr. Tiziana, for your wonderful and generous testimony of the charism of Mother Frances. Thank you, Sr. Joanne, for your profound vision of the healing charism. Thank you, Sr. Anna, for your great compassion and your faithful love. Thank you, Sr. Laura, for your faith and your prayerful spirit.”

After sharing their commitment to this service, the new Leadership Team was anointed with healing oil by the outgoing Leadership Team and was blessed by the entire assembly with the words of the Direction of the General Chapter: “Sr. Licia, Sr. Marvi, Sr. Giannica, Sr. Marilyn, Sr. Marina, Sr. Maria Helena, Sr. Marie Augustine, We affirm and bless you as Apostles of the Resurrection called to set free the healing energy of Christ in the Community of Life.”

The celebration continued in a family-like atmosphere with greetings and early Christmas holiday wishes. We showed special affection for Sr. Tiziana who was soon returning to Italy after living in the United States for nine years.

Thus the baton was handed over to the new Leadership Team. We will all try to do our part, following in the footsteps of those who preceded us, with our gaze and hearts open to the new calls of the Spirit. A good journey to us in communion with all of you!

  dotnewleadinst 05Sr. Licia Mazzia with Fatima and Nancynewleadinst 06Sr. Tiziana Merletti with Mrs. Carla

newleadinst 07Sr. Joanne Schuster, Amelia and sr. Laura Cantello


Sr. Marvi Delrivo, SFP
Congregational Councilor

Published: December 19, 2013

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