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An Innovative Approach to Vocation Awareness

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati announced that it would provide buses for teens who wanted to go to Indianapolis for the bi-annual National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC) held at Lucas Oil Stadium on Friday, November 22, 2014. The theme of the conference was Signed. Sealed. Delivered. -- which represents Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist respectively. Realizing that some young people may not be able to go to Indianapolis, I approached Sr. Joanne Schuster along with Wayne Topp and Bob Wurtzelbacher of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, and they agreed that it would be nice to make arrangements ‘to bring the event to Cincinnati via a live video direct to our Chiara Room at St. Clare Convent!

planseeds 01The vocation displayplanseeds 02The examination of the various vocation displays

We called the event “From Indy to Cincy”. We set up our vocation display – and invited other Congregations to set up their vocation displays as well. Marci Peebles, Director of Franciscans for the Poor, was attending the NCYC and agreed to bring our vocation materials along with her items to the NCYC event.

planseeds 03The evening was opened with same ice breakers and gamesTo engage the small group of teenagers and Sisters who were attending, we opened the evening with some ice breakers and games. We had invited a ‘praise worship band’ to lead the singing and to facilitate this effort the songs were projected on a screen – everyone joined in. The band constructed a huge cross of paper layered with clear lights. Once the overhead lights were off, there was no doubt that the evening was reverent as well as joyous. The live video began at 8:00 pm. About an hour or so into the connection, the band members could tell that the teens were ready to “move-on”. While we continued the video for those who were interested watching it, the band members graciously began with song and Taize prayer. Some of the young people present began, on their own initiative, to peruse the various Vocation Displays – asking questions, and picking up handouts. Two young people told us about their desire to be artists (she a metal artist!)…and listened intently as we talked about our Art for All People ministry.

I equate the evening to Planting Seeds for our future. If you would like more information, visit ‘News from Vocations’ at or, you may want to try on our mobile site:


planseeds 04A praise worship bandplanseeds 05The small group of teenagers and sisters participants


Ruthy Trusler

Published: January 7, 2014



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