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ChristmasEve 01Niesha places the infant Jesus in the cribIt was the night before Christmas, and all was still and quiet in the Magnificat Community. We had just finished our customary daily liturgy – and we designed a wonderful little service as part of our preparations for Mass on Christmas day.

We asked one of our nurses’ aides, Niesha Chandler, to carry the infant Jesus from the very entrance of the Unit to the end of the hall where our Crib was located. She carried the infant Jesus slowly and reverently. As Sr. Paula Huecker, Anne Cabanas, and the rest of the staff followed Niesha, Sr. JoAnn Jackowski began singing “O Come all Ye Faithful”, and Sisters from the Magnificat Community as well as Sisters from St. Clare Convent joined both the singing and the procession – so, indeed, ‘all ye faithful’ joined us! In fact, the hallway was crowded with people. As we all joined in singing the “Away in the Manger”, Niesha gently placed Baby Jesus in His manger right beside Mary – and with Joseph nearby.

ChristmasEve 02Magnificat sisters Christmas eve processionSr. JoAnn continued to sing carols as each person present was given an opportunity to voice their own ‘Thank You’ to God for the gift of the Christ Child. We continued to sing and prayed together.

It was a spontaneous and reverent call to prayer and no one wanted to leave. In such a manner we have started a new ‘tradition’ and we are all grateful for another way to thank God for His gift of Himself to us.





Sr. Grace Frances Strauber, SFP

Published: January 27, 2014

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