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raccoltafondi 01John Gormally, Foundation Fundraising ChairmanOn January 29 the global medical technology company Becton Dickinson (BD) sponsored an event for the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor at its headquarters in New Jersey. The purpose of the event was to introduce its employees to the Sisters’ efforts to build a new kindergarten in Senegal and to raise funds for it. William Kozy, the Chief Operating Officer of BD, and John Gormally, who recently retired from BD and is a member of the SFP Foundation Board of Governors, made this evening possible for us. About 100 BD employees attended.

raccoltafondi 02Sr. Joanne Schuster and Franco HarrisSr. Licia, Sr. Giannica, Sr. Joanne, and Dana Harris (Franco Harris’s wife) attended as members of the Foundation’s Board of Governors. Patty Fagan, SFP Foundation Development Coordinator, accompanied us. Franco Harris, the Pittsburgh Steelers Hall-of-Fame football legend, and John Andariese, the famous color commentator for the New York Knicks basketball team, joined us to support our cause that day. This occasion was significant because more people became familiar with our mission and efforts around the world.  

Sr. Licia Mazzia spoke about our charism and mission and elaborated on the importance of the kindergarten raccoltafondi 03Franco Harris with BD COO and Host, William Kozywe are building in Senegal. The school will bring education to the children it serves at an earlier age and will also foster understanding between the Christian and Muslim children it brings together.

BD appreciated her presentation of this precious work, and we were all inspired by these friends who gave their time, energy, and money to support our mission in Senegal.



raccoltafondi 04Srs. Licia, Giannica, Joanne, Dana Dokmanovich, Patty Fagan, John Gormally, John Andariese, Franco Harris, John Gormally (son), William Kozy raccoltafondi 05BD associates eager to meet Franco Harris

raccoltafondi 06Sr. Joanne, John Andariese, Sr. Licia and Sr. Giannica raccoltafondi 07Vince Forlenza, CEO, Bill Kozy, COO, Franco Harris and BD associates


Sr. Joanne Schuster, SFP

Published: February 28, 2014

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