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f 01SFP House in Dumaguete

f 02Sr. Maria, Sr. Armi, Sr. Licia, Sr. Cristina and Sr. Marvi

f 03“Come and See” group meeting

f 03bSr. Marvi with the girls of the “Come and See” group f 03c

f 04Prayer group meeting at the chapel of the SFP community

f 05A group of friends and benefactors during the inauguration of St. Francis Statue

  f 06b  f 06Sr. Licia blesses St. Francis Statue

f 08Shelter of Hope kids 

f 07Sr. Marvi serves meals at the Shelter of Hope f 09Sr. Licia at the Shelter of Hope

f 07bSr. Cristina and Bebe, cook at the Shelter of Hope f 10Manual labour with a volunteer of the Shelter of Hope


Sr. Licia Mazzia, SFP, Congregational Minister and Sr. Marvi Delrivo, SFP

Published: March 20, 2014

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