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e s 01All religious women and men from all the Dioceses in our country met in the region of Kaolack from January 20th  to February 1sr 2015 to celebrate the World Day for Consecrated Life. These three days were filled with rich moments of reunion, communion, sharing and encouragement. On January 31st, a panel meeting provided all of us an opportunity to listen to the stories of some religious lecturers, both women and men, and of their relationship with the Bishop of Ziguinchor, Paul Abel Mamba, who is in charge of Consecrated Life in Senegal. Panel members spoke of the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, the heart of the consecrated life which itself is a prophetic sign for the Church and for the world. The is very important at a time when both the Church and the world which are facing deep social changes.
The vows invite us, as consecrated men and women, to learn how to live like the poor in order to be united with the poor, to be able to offer the vital forces of our being to witness a different fatherhood and motherhood and, in this way, to live our obedience to Christ, who was obedient to his Father's will.
The joy and laughter that we experienced through the dances, the traditional music, the sketches and the jokes that were shared were also important moments.

e s 02The celebration was a time of multicultural fraternity which will always remain engraved in our hearts. 

It was a positive, rich and very strong experience that challenged me to rediscover the beauty, the joy and the richness of the consecrated life. In the words of Pope Francis,

“Do not be afraid to show the joy of having answered the Lord’s call, of having responded to his choice of love and of bearing witness to his Gospel in service to the Church. And joy, true joy, is contagious; it is infectious... it impels one forward”.

Sister Sylvianne Boissy, sfp

Published: May, 14, 2015

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