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gma 6The Pre-Novice Véronique Thioune and the Novices Pélagie Ilboudo, Jacqueline Flavienne Sané, Geneviève Ndeky

gma 4Entrance procession with Archbishop Benjamin Ndiaye and Bishop Lalane 
 gma 02During the celebration
 gma 3The choir provided the entertainment for the celebration

gma 5Sr. Marie Augustine and Sr. Sylvianne Boissy with the Novices and the Pre- Novice

Throughout the year 2015, the Church is giving thanks for the gift of the consecrated life in all its forms, and the World Day of Prayer for the Vocations refreshed the fire of prayer in the hearts of the faithful. Our diocese celebrated this day in Popenguine, with Archbishop Monsignor Benjamin Ndiaye and Monsignor Lalane, Bishop of Pontoise, France in attendance. The Bishops instituted six acolytes and nine lectors, one of whom was from our parish.

The following are some of our experiences of that beautiful day:

“I was impressed by the vocational groups from all the parishes of the diocese. It was a day full of light and joy for me, thanks to these words: a vocation makes one take risks, and accepting a vocation means opening your heart. The Pope's invitation to come out of ourselves to better discover God's call encourages me to keep moving forward. My heart burns with the desire to serve Christ.” 

Véronique Thioune

“It was a day of thanks and blessings. I discovered other essential realities that fill us with joy, and testimony that pushes us to fully realize our vocations. I also discovered my love for Mother Church,  my desire to meet other faces, and my need to come out of myself - the exodus, that the Pope talks about.” 

Geneviève Ndecky

The joy of being faithful to God: on the day of my baptism I was called to follow Christ: "COME AND FOLLOW ME." My vocation is rooted in the ‘yes’ that I pronounced that day - and that I renew by professing my faith which gives a specific orientation to with my choice. Thanks to the teachings of our pastors, I have discovered that this choice of life means adventuring toward the unknown - something that comes easily to me because it is true to who I am. Two elements are essential to keep me open to the dimension of faith: testimony and joy. And three pillars vital for survival are: adoration, love for the Church and apostolic zeal. Monsignor Benjamin's exhortation on the need for love has pushed me to approach others without expecting others to manifest their needs. I also have been challenged to ask myself the question: how do I stand in terms of spiritual fecundity?” 

Jacqueline Flavienne Sané

This day made me very happy, and at the same time greatly moved to see so many children, accompanied by their chaplains and parents, coming to celebrate the ‘World Day’ with their bishop. This was a beautiful day, marked by teachings on vocation and family, animated by Father Jean who was able to motivate the children through song and beautiful stories that made them laugh. In his homily the Archbishop used the image of a bus that needs apprentices and customers to meet its goal, the commercial activity of public transportation. He used this image to send the message of the good shepherd amid his sheep, the meaning of the liturgy, the service and communion in our parish. My experience of that day gave me new energy, the energy to come out of myself and walk toward Jesus Christ, without fear, but with total faith in Him.” 

Pélagie Ilboudo


Agape San Damiano

Published: June, 2, 2015

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