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Frances Schervier lived a unique live of holiness and service. She was beatified on April 28, 1974. The Cause of Canonization moves forward.

Blessed Frances Schervier radiated beauty as she walked through the streets of Aachen, Germany, in the 1850s, totally loving the poor and seeing God in and through their suffering. Like St. Francis of Assisi, was passionate about serving those most in need. 

After joining a group of lay Franciscans and receiving advice from a close friend, she gathered together several likeminded women and began a religious Congregation on the Feast of Pentecost. They dedicated themselves to loving and serving the poor.

As hundreds of women joined the new group of Sisters, Frances remained focused and had the courage and confidence to move the new Congregation wherever the Spirit led.

That is why she traveled twice to the U.S. and experienced the suffering of the new immigrants. As a result she dispatched many Sisters to the U.S. where they established (five) hospitals before the turn of the century.

Frances is also one of the few women in spiritual history that was instrumental in founding a men’s Congregation, the Brothers of the Poor of St. Francis .

The Daughters of Blessed Frances, in addition to Germany and Belgium, have begun new roots in the U.S., Italy, Brazil, Senegal and the Philippines.

The Sisters along with their lay Associates and friends minister on five continents and are walking together to support Frances’ sacred journey to sainthood.

Sacred Milestones

ts 00 Schematically we retrace the history of the Canonization of Mother Frances path: 1876 Frances Schervier dies in Aachen, Germany, on December 14. 
1934 Apostolic Process opened in Rome. Decree issued for Introduction of the...

'Becoming' a Saint: a glossary

can 00A candidate is declared a saint, that is, the Church declares what already is... In official Church procedures there are three ‘steps’ to sainthood: 

Venerable the title given to a deceased person recognized formally by the pope...

Decree of Validity granted


od 00We have received some good news – our Postulator, Fr. Gianni Califano, OFM, has informed us that the Decree of Validity has been granted in the Cause for Canonization of Blessed Frances Schervier. This decree signifies that all of the...

Steps to Sainthood, 
the Canonization Process moves forward

4can 00The journey towards the Canonization of Mother Frances continues! This article is an update about this beautiful pilgrimage we are all making together. During these weeks and months I have felt a keen sense of the prayers and support of ...

Historic and Graced Moments

sc 00The Closing Session of the Diocesan Inquiry for the Cause of Canonization of Blessed Frances Schervier was celebrated 242 days after the Opening Session with Solemn Vespers. As the Sisters, Tribunal, Brothers, Associates and friends ...

Was His Recovery a Miracle?

oaoe 00Tom Siemers' doctor pulled him aside 20 years ago and told him he should be dead. The doctor, a neurosurgeon, said every attempt he'd made to fix a massive hemorrhage in Siemers' brain in 1989 had failed... *Used with permission

A significant and Sacred moment

sac 00It was an historic moment in our Congregation and in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati as we celebrated, in the context of Solemn Vespers, the Opening Session of the Diocesan Inquiry for the Cause of Canonization of Blessed Frances...

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