a b 01We celebrate with joy the anniversary of the Beatification of Frances Schervier, Mother of the Poor.
In this world of ours in continuous evolution, in this  world of ours crossed with so much suffering and poverty, shaken by violence, acts of terrorism, abuses and climactic disasters, the testimony of Frances Schervier continues to send out healing energy.

Frances: prophet of dialogue, Apostle of the Resurrection, brave and simple woman.

In you, Frances, we contemplate the welcoming of the changes that transformed your life and the life of the Congregation.

In you, Frances, we celebrate the courage to leave your comfort zones in order to explore new roads in service of the poor.

In you, Frances, we see compassion resonate and in you we see Christ’s Love shine as it expands out into the entire Community of Life.

Let us pray that we, too, can be instruments of healing and prophets of dialogue.

a b 02Sr Licia Mazzia, Fr Gianni Califano, Sr Katharina Maria Finken spsfLet us pray that we, too, can be apostles of the Resurrection, living signs of hope, and witnesses of the strength of the Gospels that radiates throughout the entire universe.

Let us pray that we, too, can be strings that resonate with compassion and love, hands that open up to being welcoming and to mercy, channels of harmony and unity among the fragments of wounded creation.

Let us thank the Lord together for the gift of Mother Frances and her healing charism, and as we celebrate the anniversary of her Beatification, let us intensify our prayers that the Canonization process may have a positive outcome. Yes, let us continue to pray all the more intensely that Frances may soon be canonized.

And as we traverse our Mother Earth together with all of the other creatures that inhabit it, may the blessing of Mother Frances envelop us all and may her Spirit of courage and faith accompany us during this Holy Year of Mercy.  

Sr Licia Mazzia

Published: April, 28, 2016