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Recollections, stories of everyday life, interweaving of experiences, of memories...:

Recounting events from the past helps us to walk in the vitality of history in continuous evolution. It is in history where we discover the roots that infuse us with the lifeblood to live the present, encouraging us to look toward the future with hope and confidence.
Today we create a “remembrance” of the history of our Religious Family through a series of publications, in accordance with the Congregational Pastoral Plan, which has invited us to “witness our healing charism in harmony with our cultures by celebrating our history.”

We want to relive the highlights in order to savor the energy and enthusiasm lived by Mother Frances and the Sisters and Associates who came before us. In communion with them we want to “embrace change at all stages in our lives as opportunities for spiritual healing among us and within ourselves.”

We hope that these publications may give us the energy and passion to live our healing charism with enthusiasm and creativity, while we live as Apostles of the Resurrection in our present history and in the Community of Life.

c00The first four decades of the 20th century constituted a period of tremendous growth for the Congregation. Unfortunately political unrest was also developing in Germany during this time, which ultimately culminated...

0The deep faith and courage of our Sisters during these times of war, epidemics, poverty and other challenges is truly admirable! Bishops in Germany, Belgium, and the United States continued to beg them to begin new institutions.

c3 mAfter the death of Mother Frances on December 14, 1876, the grieving Congregation continued its ministries under the leadership of Superior General Fulgentia van Endert. Not long after Mother Frances’s death, Sarah Peter died imparting...

c 2 00It is last decades of the 19th century. Europe is trying to extinguish the enthusiasm kindled by the French Revolution in order to return to the old social order. The German Empire tries to suppress the Catholic Church...

celebrando mOur story began with Frances Schervier: a woman illuminated by the Holy Spirit, who followed the paths of her lifetime abandoning herself and transforming life events. Frances was born in Aquisgrana, in Germany, on January 3, 1819.