r7Blessing of the Offices of Remsen Street


A wonderful group of Sisters, Associates, collaborators with the Foundation, current and former employees, and friends took part in the ritual ceremony we held in Brooklyn on Sunday, September 7, 2014, to commemorate the time of our General House in Brooklyn and mark its relocation from Brooklyn to Rome.

The ceremony was divided into two parts:

first, at St. Francis College, we recalled together the milestones lived as Franciscan Sisters of the Poor in this world since 1968; and second, at our current Congregational Offices, where we had the Blessing of the building and a reception.




r6During the blessingIn Sr. Maria Helena’s words:

“We are writing a new chapter in our history as Franciscan Sisters of the Poor who, in the dynamics of life, continue to plant seeds that grow and bloom wherever and whenever God wills.

I still remember how it happened at our last General Chapter when, united in prayer and discernment, we approved the previous Leadership Team’s recommendation to transfer our General House from Brooklyn to Rome. The new Leadership welcomed and accepted this.

With the beautiful celebration held with the participation of so many Sisters, Associates, employees and friends, today will become part of our history.

We cannot and do not want to forget the 45 years of work and dedication of so many Sisters and others, while the General House was based in the US, who went to great lengths giving their lives to the Congregation so that all our Areas could create and develop so many ministries for the poorest people of our world.

We firmly believe that God will continue to bless us wherever we are since the Holy Spirit will be with our Congregation, making our charism of healing live in each Sister and Associate, as we believe to be the desire of our Foundress, Blessed Frances Schervier.”


r13During the prayerDuring the Ritual, we prayed together and gave thanks for the life we have shared, the relationships we have built, the service and witness we have offered.

As the Leadership Team, we would like to express our special gratitude to all our Sisters in the United States who have supported and sustained the Congregational House in Brooklyn, from 1969 to 2014. For this reason we will plant a tree in the garden of St. Clare’s Convent, in Cincinnati, along with a commemorative plaque in thanksgiving.

For this ceremony we prepared slide show and a video that we would like to share with all of you. We invite you to join us in praising God, who has accompanied us in our journey and who is always by our side.


 The Leadership Team




r14Nick and Vivian, Beth and her husband, Sr. Teresita and Sr. Marvi  r18Sr. Licia with James

r11Sr. Margi, Laney, Sr. Marie Augustine, Sr. Theresa and Thomasina  r15Sr. Mary Veronica and Sr. Teresita

r12Ritual at St. Francis College  r16At St. Francis College

 r10Sr. Licia with Sr. Bernadette, Sr. Mary Veronica, Sr. Giannica and Sr. Marie Augustine  r1Sr. Maria Helena and Laney

r3Sr. Licia, Jeffrey with his wife and Sr. Marilyn  r5The sisters with Lucia's family

r2Evette, Sr. Licia, Patty and Vivian  r9Sr. Mary Madonna, George and Anne, Jeffrey and his wife

r19The sisters with Evette  r17With Ilion, Nick and Vivian



Published: October 2, 2014