ritualpires 01The Ritual room set up with symbolsIn Pires do Rio, on June 24, Sr. Goretti and Sr. Maria Lucia led the ritual of prayer to accompany the transfer of the General House of the Congregation from Brooklyn to Rome, in a simple and participatory ceremony, attended by some of our Associates. 

The room was prepared with symbols: suitcases, candles, photos, the SFP address book, a picture of Mother Frances, pens and sheets of paper, etc. 

During the ritual, people expressed their good wishes, blessings and thanks to our Sisters who are taking this enterprise upon themselves, hoping the moving will go as smoothly as possible and that they have enough energy to accomplish this major task.  

Beyond the physical relocation, may each of them feel moved forward to a renewed life. This time of change reminds us of the founding of our SFP Congregation, which in the light of the Holy Spirit, was born at Pentecost. 

We thank our Sisters in Leadership who have taken on this proposal and are beginning this journey to facilitate the good works of our Congregation.  May God always enlighten you, fondly. 


ritualpires 02A moment shared by the group ritualpires 03Opening the envelopes containing the ritual

ritualpires 05A simple ceremony attended by some Associates ritualpires 04Moment of the ritual


Sisters and Associates of the Community of Pires do Rio

Published: October 31, 2014