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ritual 01The Chapel of Santa Isabel Convent, Jataí - GoSeptember 3, 2014 was a day of great joy and a spirit of communion for us. We, the Sisters and Associate from Jatai, Brazil, conducted a ritual of congregational prayer in the Chapel of our Santa Isabel Convent.

The ritual, while conducted by the Sisters, involved Associates in the readings, prayers and reflections. Prayers, and the materials we used, contributed to a further deepening and awareness of this historical moment for our Congregation. During the reflection period, we felt in harmony with the whole Congregation as we shared aloud our stories, blessings and hopes for the future.


Our hopes are:


• For a better world and evermore faith as we undertake in this new journey as out General House moves to Rome which now will be the headquarters of our Congregation;

• For a speedy resolution of the canonization process of Blessed Frances Schervier;

• For an increase in religious vocations for our Congregation;

• For increased vigor and testimony in our fraternal way of life;

• All our Sisters may be happy in our process of adaptation to this new reality;

• All our ideals will be fulfilled in this process of change;

• There may be openness and optimism while facing the numerous challenges of this new mission, accompanied by a greater sense of belonging for our Sisters and Associates.


ritual 02The ritual involved the associates in the readings and reflections ritual 03Sisters and associates gathered for the ritual in Jataí

Our blessings are:


• The openness of our Sisters to respond to the call of the Holy Spirit to relocate our General House from Brooklyn to Rome, as endorsed by the General Chapter of 2013;

• The strengthening of our charism of healing;

• The involvement and participation of our Sisters and Associates in the process of settling in the new headquarters in Rome;

• The availability and direct or indirect participation of Sisters and Associates, along with the Members of the Congregational Council, in this change process.

As we concluded our ritual, we felt fully aware of the importance of continuing united in prayer with the whole congregation, so that it may contributes to the greater glory of God, since we are a real religious family, united in Christ.


ritual 05The reading of the ritual ritual 04Sisters and associates together in this process of change


Sisters and associates of the Community of Jataí - Go


Published: October 21, 2014