In our chapel in Dumaguete in September, we celebrated the ritual of the transition from New York to Rome with the prayer group of women who meet here periodically.

The words of Mother Frances:  "We find God everywhere, and we can live our vocation everywhere. We are pilgrims and strangers on this earth" resonated within us all. Mother Frances' words help us during those moments when we looked back on our journey with God, both the painful memories as well as the beautiful ones. The sharing that followed led us to a deep sense of thanks for everything that has been. We are abundantly grateful for the many fruits that have been generated over the past 48 years.


 rd 01The Chapel prepared for the Ritual rd 03The prayer group of women, together to pray

Our prayer, and our hope for the future, is that the Congregation is the work of God and He is the one that carries it forward. The Holy Spirit, true founder and inspiration of our Charism, confirms what he began!


Sr. Armi and Sr. Cristina

Published: January 12, 2015