r apv 06sr. Wilma, sr. Dina, sr. Carla and sr. LetiziaRitual in Assisi

Providentially, our community chose to hold the ritual on the day that Sr. Licia arrived in Italy.

We felt it would be wonderful to be able to accompany her symbolically during her journey by praying for the relocation of the General House.

It was a simple but profound moment, experienced with the understanding that this is a unique, historical moment for our Congregation.

We shared our feelings and prayers regarding this transition and, by doing so, felt in communion with every other daughter and son of Mother Frances.



Ritual in Pistoia

r apv 02

On November 30th, the Community of Betania House held a moment of prayer together with our friends Maria Chiara and Pierpaolo to celebrate the relocation ritual of our General House from Brooklyn to Rome. Together we shared
hopes of:
•    being a community that is always flourishing with new vocations, tapping into our primary source (the Gospel) and opening to the world outside.  
•    welcoming the signs of the times so as to embody the Gospel in the here and now.
•    being a prophetic sign of welcoming within the Church.
•    continuing our journey with conviction, being attentive and grateful as we listen to our past, present and future -- and to the voices of the marginalized.  
•    maintaining our hearts open, with our hands outstretched to welcome changes inside and outside of ourselves.
•    being open and listening to the voice of the Spirit so that we can continue following the example of Mother Frances.

The blessings of…
•    The fruits of a new life.
•    The gift of welcoming the poor and of attending to their wounds.
•    Open-mindedness towards what is new that will then open us up to the Spirit.
•    The knowledge that God is faithful to each of his works and loves those who give with joy.
•    The gift of knowing how to start over through the forgiveness and mercy of God. Letting ourselves be healed by He who is loved.
•    The gift of openness to new ministries, welcoming and communion with other congregations.

r apv 03It was a beautiful moment of deep communion. A few days afterwards, Maria Chiara and Pierpaolo wrote us these words:

“The prayer we experienced with the Betania House Community on the occasion of the relocation of the General House to Rome, gave us an opportunity to rest in a dear place where the Spirit breathes and where the bustle of life is calmed, permitting us to make room for God. We felt like a part of a family called together to praise God. During our journey of sharing with the SFPs, we looked toward the future in the hope that the Charism of Mother Frances will continue all the more to be a prophetic sign of openness within the Church -- and of welcome for the marginalized and for those who are different. We asked for new vocations so as to disseminate the Charism even more in Italy and beyond, and we even received the gift of seeing in that ‘suitcase’ the sign of our own journey as a couple, open to listening to God’s voice, day after day.”


Communities of Casa Sant'Elisabetta (Assisi), Casa Betania (Pistoia)

Published: January, 27, 2015