Ritual in Monteverde (Rome)

rmv 02the Ritual ParticipantsThe Community of St. Frances in Rome invited Associates Prisca, Calogero and Francesca and special guest, Mariangela, to their Advent community retreat on November 30th 2014. Sr. Maria Lupo, an expert in Sacred Scripture, presented some ideas for reflection on the theme “About Incarnation and Resurrection.”
The atmosphere of profound meditation allowed us to feel the sacredness of this historical moment for the Congregation, so we closed the retreat by dedicating some time to a prayer of transition, which helped us understand more deeply the Charism, gathering from it all of the beauty and the richness that it brings.  Each one of us felt a profound sense of belonging, both on a human and a spiritual level, for this relocation process.  Our hearts were filled with hope and faith for the life we could feel beating in and among us. We shared:
•    Words of Blessing: Unity, Peace, Change, Faith in God’s Love, Devotion
•    Words of Hope: New vocations, Incisiveness and Fertility of the Charism, Openness, Concreteness, Dialogue, Reciprocity
We thank God because we have started anew, and have been enriched by His Word!


Transition Ritual in Vermicino

r apv 05Communautés Casa Schervier et Casetta Nova

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The Community of Schervier House hosted all of us during the transition prayer for the movement of our General House from the USA to Italy.

While we were preparing for this moment, we said to each other that the suitcase needed to be very large indeed to contain a life so immense!

This sacred ritual provided an opportunity to gather all of our thanks for the sisters who created life before, during and after the relocation process.

We are convinced that in every change there lies renewed opportunity, and so we are ready to experience together this new page of our SFP history.

Communities of San Francesco (Rome), Casa Schervier and Casetta Nova (Vermicino)

Published: February, 05, 2015