Ritual in Messina

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On November 10th, the Community of St. Claire’s House in Messina celebrated, together with the Associates, the relocation ritual of the General House from Brooklyn to Rome.

We gathered together the chapel to honor, with gratitude, the life of our family and to embrace with hope the changes and challenges this implies.

It was wonderful to express our hopes and to share the blessings:
•    the grace of plentiful fruits for the community in this new place,
•    the hope for growth in numbers, prosperity and well-being,
•    the prayer that the entire Congregation will continue to grow in its receptiveness to the poor.
We plan, in the coming years, to implement our Chapter Direction: to live as Resurrected. As we exchanged the blessings, hopes and prayers, each of us experienced the healing energy of our Charism working within our group and throughout our entire family.


Ritual in Padua

rmp 02On November 27,  the Sisters and Associates of Casa Nazareth and Porta San Giacomo came together to celebrate the ritual for the relocation of our General House from Brooklyn to Rome. We were given a booklet as an instrument to help us pray. We thanked the Lord for the years our Congregation spent in the United States, and prayed for God’s blessings on the new times we are experiencing as a Congregation.
This is what the Spirit stirred in each of us.
The Thanks that we heard:
•    Experiencing an awareness of this historical time in the life of our Congregation.
•    Continuing to feel Communion with the entire Congregation throughout the world.
•    Opening and rejuvenating our hearts in pursuit of the Charism.
•    Trusting in God who continues His work if we set aside our doubts.
•    Beginning a new dawn for and with the Community.

rmp 01We called God’s Blessings that:
•    God will continue to bless the Congregation with new Life.
•    God will grant us new vocations - daughters and sons of Mother Frances – and assure prosperity for the entire family.
•    God will inspire our Sisters and Associates to affirm the unity of the Congregation during this time of change.
•    Each of us will freely follow God without holding anything back.
•    We will all trust in God and in His promises.
•    Even this small seed will grow to become a giant tree.
The nurture the Hope that:
•    The Charism continues to touch and heal the wounds of Jesus on the Cross as manifested in human beings.
•    We will maintain a presence of care and healing energy.
•    We will not lose sight of the prophetic position unanimously assumed by LCWR on the hierarchy of the church.
•    The changes we are undergoing can generate new life.
We entrust ourselves to Mother Frances with the certainty that she will continue to guide our steps -- and we are certain that the merciful face of God is always present in everyone's life.

Communities of Casa santa Chiara (Messina), Casa Nazareth and Porta San Giacomo (Padua)

Published: March, 05, 2015