In 1960, five members of the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor arrived in Brazil at the request of Pope John XXIII and began their mission in Pires di Rio. Since then, the Sisters have expanded their ministries throughout Brazil and currently have more than 10 comprehensive programs working to provide direct service and immediate relief to those in need.






  • SFP Brazil Area Assembly

    asbrasile mThe Assembly began in the afternoon of Friday, February 28, under the leadership of Sister Maria Helena. It was an afternoon of reports and updates on the Congregation and the Area. We welcomed with gladness and hope...

  • World Youth Day 2013

    gmg13 mWorld Youth Day (WYD) was initiated by Pope John Paul II in 1985 and brings together millions of Catholics around the world, especially young people, to build bridges of friendship and hope among continents...

  • Choosing a Life of Poverty

    4previewWhen I reflect on my experiences of poverty in my life, I immediately remember the past, which greatly contributed to my conviction that poverty is so much more than renouncing...

  • Welcoming our Chapter Themes Yesterday and Today

    2preview As long as we keep ourselves open to the Holy Spirit’s work within us, the Spirit will certainly be manifest in our Congregation.  Once more we are face to face with a new Chapter theme: “Set Free the Healing Energy of Christ!"
  • Youth Ministry

    introymTwo Sisters’ share Their Experiences. As Jesus was setting out on a journey, a young man ran up to him and kneeling before him, asked, “Good Teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?” (Mark 10:17-30)...

  • Gifts from God! Caring for Children in Brazil

    “History is essential in the life of all people. Through history the presence of God is also revealed -- in the life of the Church and in the life of each person.”...

  • Moments of Grace

    introvdc1 Though immersed in crises both locally and globally, as Franciscan Sisters of the Poor we respond with radical hope by renewing our ministries in Brazil. This is why we decided...
  • A fabulous and powerful experience

    maria elena carvalho previewI begin by recalling a passage I once read about how our perception of the world, others, and everything else takes place within and among ourselves. Our personal and professional performance...

  • Celebrating life while being in harmony with God

    gorettipreview "These years were very special to me. It has been a great joy to dedicate my life to God as a consecrated religious.  Since my youth, God used the OFM Franciscan Friars as instruments to encourage my vocation...
  • Another World is Possible!

    d2previewInvited by our Congregational Leadership, I joined with 60 Franciscans working on justice, peace and integrity of creation issues by participating in the People’s Summit for Social and Environmental Justice...

  • Clarian Congress: Celebrating Eight Hundred Years of the Charism of Saint Clare

    e3preview The Franciscan Family of Brazil motivated all corners of the country for two years of intense work through novenas, walks and celebrations to prepare for the Clarian Congress.
  • Discernment and prayer - a path to healing 2012 Brazil Area Assembly

    f3preview Our Assembly took place August 26-28 at Casa São José, in Goiânia. All of the Brazil Area Sisters participated. We were also privileged to have our Sisters Tiziana Merletti and Margaret Ferri with us.
  • Gift of Healing: Enfleshing our Charism

    ribeiro machado previewParticipating in our Healing Conference was indeed a remarkable and meaningful experience for me, and I believe for all the Sisters, Associates and friends of the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor who were present...

  • Personal Transformation through Healing

    22previewI am so grateful to God for my life and the people with whom I live -- those in religious community and the community of God's people. Everyday experiences give me opportunities...


  • A Healing Instrument in the Hands of God

    8 preview

    “Being an instrument of healing in the world today is a gift we have received and must further develop for the common good of all.” For me being an instrument of healing in the world today...

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