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The Franciscan Sisters of the Poor have been serving in Italy for over 60 years (since 1947). For over half a century, they have upheld and furthered the mission of caring for the poor and needy — those who have been neglected and ignored by greater society. Today, the Sisters have over 10 different programs in a multitude of areas and locations.






  • Mother Earth

    2a previewOur family recently experienced an important time of challenge and discernment about Valerio’s professional life. It was a troubled time. A decision was made in mid-May: Valerio resigned from his job...

  • Compassion and Hope

    a5preview During the night of May 20 a strong earthquake hit Modena in the northern part of Italy. This is the exact province where I was born. The shocks continue even now, the situation remains unstable and difficult for thousands of displaced people...
  • Forgiving for Healing

    b5preview It is the end of June and Sisters and Associates gather in Vermicino for the annual Area Assembly. Our process of deepening our healing charism continues and in this meeting our attention is focused specifically on forgiving.
  • Daughter of a Charism

    7a previewHow do I live the healing Charism? There are many experiences I could talk about, but want to share the experience of welcoming, listening and giving practical...

  • Feeling "poor"…

    2previewDuring this past year following our Healing Conference, I found myself thinking frequently about “poverty.” I thought it was evident, and by now that its meaning in my life would be “clear."

  • To bring healing...

    11previewWhen I discovered that a 17 year old nomad girl, mother of three children, had never seen the sea, I drove her in my car to the closest beach. Looking at the vast blue sea, her eyes shining with wonder...

  • Gift from God: a healing journey

    10previewI have been working as a visiting nurse for about six months and visit ten people daily, most of whom suffer from chronic, degenerative illnesses or cancer. I encounter a variety of family situations. Some people are alone...

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