A small group of Sisters came to the United States from Germany in 1858 to minister to the poor and sick. Sisters in the United States work in a variety of different ministries.



  • Mary Ann Brownlee

    mary ann 00Mary Ann Brownlee, passed away at the age of 93 on Sunday, January 7, 2024, in Fredericksburg, Texas. She was born October 29, 1930, in Detroit, Michigan, to Chester and Cecilia McFadden. Mary Ann was a dear...

  • The Celebration of the 50th anniversary of the beatification of Frances Schervier in Cincinnati

    bic24 00The celebration was held at St. Clare Chapel and Schervier Hall in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA on April 28, 2024.  This joyous occasion was the culmination of the contribution of many who dedicated their talents and energy...

  • Sr. Madeline Marie Hill

    madeline 0Sr. Madeline Marie Hill was foremost, a woman of faith, deeply in love with the poor of the world. She lived her life as a pilgrim and “simple” servant, willing to go wherever God called her. Empowered by the strength and...

  • Sr. Betty Ann Igo, SFP

    betty 0Sr. Betty Ann Igo was a woman touched by the Holy Spirit with the power to heal hearts and souls through her involvement in the Charismatic Renewal and the Christian Healing ministry. Though she seemed...

  • Sr. June Georgia Casterton, SFP

    june 00Sr. June was a remarkable woman of God. The portrait of her entire life reflects a woman who used her gifts and skills to better people’s lives and make God tangibly present. June was born to Cory and Emma Eiter Casterton on...

  • Inter-cultural Laughter

    rmc0The visit of Sr. Wilma Molinari to the US recently enabled an evening of joy, laughter and multicultural fun. While others were watching the competitive sport of football and...

  • Sr. M. Grace Frances Strauber, SFP

    m grace 00Sister Grace Frances thought her life as a Sister would consist mostly of prayer and penance. This proved to be true, but not quite in the way she had originally anticipated. Instead, her life was characterized by a deep spirit of prayer...

  • James William Traynor

    jt 00James William Traynor, 71 years old. He was born October 19, 1950 in Dayton, Ohio, passed away peacefully April 9, 2022 surrounded by love. James was a great man, whom many called their friend...

  • Sr. M. Pascaline Colling, SFP

    m pascaline 0Sr. Mary Pascaline Colling was a woman of amazing talent and energy, pouring out her life in compassion for others and service to the poor and elderly. Her many accomplishments are an illustration of the parable of...

  • Richard “Dick” Kuntz

    rk 00Dick was an Associate of the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor for 23 years. Dick was married for 59 years to Cecilia and was the father of three children, Thomas, Theresa and Julia. He enjoyed his four grandchildren and...


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