A small group of Sisters came to the United States from Germany in 1858 to minister to the poor and sick. Sisters in the United States work in a variety of different ministries.



  • beth Rindler previewSince Vatican II, I have sought to live in areas where there are people who are more likely to be poor than affluent…which is why I chose to live in an area in Detroit known as Hamtramck, a Polish settlement...

  • beth Rindler previewI have several thoughts in response to Father Gittins' statement: “You are Christians, and therefore people who live, who exude and who heal with hope. It is an essential component of your healing charism."

  • 14 preview Last year I asked to have some time to help me become more prepared for the move I was about to make from Casetta Nova Community in Rome to Casa Nazareth in Padua.
  • arleen bourquinPreviewAt some point(s) in life, we all experience events that challenge us to forgive.  We may need to forgive ourselves, others and even God.  The event itself may seem trivial or it may have destroyed a valued...

  • anita mcardlepreviewOver the years as a Sister Nurse I have experienced many healings, but none as dramatic as this...when I was serving our beloved Sisters at Mount Alverno Center, I witnessed the healing of many Sisters...

  • 20previewWe have asked several Sisters and Associates to reflect on the SFP International Conference on Healing, and on what it means to be an instrument of healing in today’s world. What follows are their...

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