In 1960, five members of the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor arrived in Brazil at the request of Pope John XXIII and began their mission in Pires di Rio. Since then, the Sisters have expanded their ministries throughout Brazil and currently have more than 10 comprehensive programs working to provide direct service and immediate relief to those in need.






  • Living Vows in Community – Assembly of the Brazilian Area

    ab 2021 00After a long time of social confinement (Stay at Home) we were able to hold the Assembly of the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor for the Brazilian area. Our theme was “Evangelical counsels: In the light of our charism”. We left Jatai full of joy and desire to meet...

  • Work is an eternal principle

    ter 00Work and personal responsibility should guide the life of each individual, because human beings are fulfilled by what they produce, and this production should serve the common good of all. One of my functions is to develop the typical cuisine of our Region...

  • Returning to Brazil

    ritin 00It is not easy to share my experience of returning to Brazil after two years in the Philippines. I arrived in Brazil during a moment of high tension due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The political chaos faced by Brazil at the moment did not help, either...

  • Living well and caring for our common home

    adb 00Back in 2016, the Sisters and Associates living in Goiânia began considering an intervention project to begin caring for our common home. Keeping in mind not only our own generation and of those yet to come. To begin this project...

  • A moment for those in need

    mission20 00In the end of the month that commemorated the life and work of Saint Francis of Assisi, I was invited to participate in a mission. Although we Catholics live in the ‘mission as of the moment’ when we are first baptized...

  • To live the culture of peace

    sao 00We celebrated the feast of Saint Francis of Assisi on October 6th with the parish and all those who received services from the projects undertaken at our Centro de Formação Francisca Schervier (CFFS) in Goiânia...

  • My Covenant With Mother Frances

    apa 00It was with great joy that, on August 11th, 2019, I officialized my commitment to follow on the footsteps of Saint Francis and Mother Frances Schervier as an Associate of the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor. The ceremony took place at the Santa Izabel Convent...

  • Living in the present, returning to our root

    a 20 br 00We opened our Assembly with a great surprise: a beautiful ceremony prepared by the Santa Isabel Community to celebrate the Bicentennial of Blessed Frances' birth, made even more exciting by the fact that we would be praying with the rosary...

  • Brazil, a 10-month gift experience

    emcb 00It was a truly grace filled time that filled my heart with joy. God helped me see things in a new light -- different points of view gave me a deeper understanding of the Church and of who I am. I feel a deep gratitude and great responsibility for it...

  • Journey to the National Shrine of Our Lady Aparecida in Brazil

    pns 00This visit by the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor to the National Shrine of Our Lady Aparecida in Aparecida do Norte, São Paulo State, home of our beloved Mother Aparecida was a time of joy and many blessings for all...


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