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Brazil (Tag)

          In 1960, five members of the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor arrived in Brazil at the request of Pope John XXIII and began their mission in Pires di Rio. Since then, the Sisters have expanded their ministries throughout Brazil and currently have more than 10 comprehensive programs working to provide direct service and immediate relief to those in need.  
  • Terezinha Ramos Borges

    terez 0Terezinha Ramos Borges was born on March 27, 1934, in Jataí, Goiás, Brazil. Daughter of a Catholic family, she received the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation as a child. At the age of 9 she received her first Eucharist in the Church of the Divine Holy Spirit...

  • The changing power of the Spirit

    air 00"Do not conform yourselves to this age but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that you may discern what the will of God is, what good and pleasing and perfect". (Rm 12: 2) As a Franciscan Sister of the Poor, I affirm that since...

  • Fathers' Day Celebration

    Rel 00At APAI, the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor Daycare and Formation Center in Pires do Rio, we celebrate Fathers' Day every year by bringing the children and their parents together. Each year the institution tries to do this celebration differently. This year we...

  • Sharing Gifts and Solidarity

    lbr 00It was in 1983 that I was invited by our dear Sister Cristina Martins to volunteer at Jataí Day Care Center and Kindergarden for poor children. At that time, our family was going through a very difficult and painful time, as we were mourning the lost of our...

  • United...despite the differences

    ab 00On July 31st and August 1st, the employees of Apai - various programs for needy childern and adolescents in Pires do Rio, Brazil - gathered for a meeting. They planned activites for the next two-month period and the discussed a series of methods for...

  • TransFormAction

    abr 00The theme of the 2017 Brazilian Area Assembly was TransFormAção, meant to be an invitation for us to leave our comfort zones in order to meet the needs of our brothers and sisters, in yet another annual celebration and formation...

  • The joy of getting togheter

    lgdi 00The Associates, together with the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor of the Geographical Area of Brazil, organized a festive gathering in Jataí, Goiás, on October 8, 2016, to celebrate the 35 years of the Associate program and rekindle...

  • The 2016 Area Assembly in Brazil: a Transforming Journey

    a bra 16 00The Brazilian Area Assembly held at the Frances Schervier Formation Center in Goiania counted with the participation of our Congregational  Minister, Sr. Licia Mazzia, our Area Councilor, Sr. Maria Helena Carvalho, all the Sisters  and our Associates...

  • Be praised o my Lord

    laudato mI praise and thank the Lord for all the gifts he has given me in my daily life. Today, in particular, I would like to praise and thank him for the 35th Anniversary of the Congregational Program of the Associates and the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor...

  • Like the Spring being reborn

    clp 0I like to think of our Congregation as a garden made of a wide variety of flowers, each with a different fragrance. Even the scents of the ones who have withered away are still steeped in the memory of many people…

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