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     The Franciscan Sisters of the Poor have been serving in Italy for over 60 years (since 1947). For over half a century, they have upheld and furthered the mission of caring for the poor and needy — those who have been neglected and ignored by greater society. Today, the Sisters have over 10 different programs in a multitude of areas and locations.
  • To bring healing...

    11preview When I discovered that a 17 year old nomad girl, mother of three children, had never seen the sea, I drove her in my car to the closest beach. Looking at the vast blue sea, her eyes shining with wonder, she exclaimed, “Wow, it’s so-o-o big!”
  • Gift from God: a healing journey

    10preview I have been working as a visiting nurse for about six months and visit ten people daily, most of whom suffer from chronic, degenerative illnesses or cancer. I encounter...