At the invitation of Bishop John Du of the Diocese of Dumaguete City, the Sisters began a new healing mission in the Philippines in August of 2009.





  • The ministry of Scholarship and Caritas Villages in the Philippines

    fil 21 00Sr. Rose and Sr. Jenny, together with the collaborators Rosemela and Dodie, tell us their experience in the Scholarship project, our ministry that has been following students in difficulty in the Philippines. The Scholarship project has been following students...

  • A New Beginning

    fil pan 20 00We are Sr. Francesca, Sr. Rose and Sr. Jenny from Our Lady of Hope Community of Dumaguete in the Philippines, and we would like to share with you some of our experiences. Two of us, Sr. Rose and Sr. Jenny, arrived last February 29 th, we are greeted by...

  • My encounter with the people of God in Dumaguete

    00 FeedingProgram“School feeding not only fills stomachs, but has a proven track record of boosting enrolment, attendance and academic performance. For just pennies a day per child, this program changes lives – and ultimately can impact the futures...

  • God by our side

    lucia m p 00My experience of ministering in prison in a foreign country at first was frightening. I kept thinking that I could contribute to these women deprived of their physical freedom. On the first day I was accompanied by...

  • Healing and Forgiveness

    papr 00Upon entering the prison, I felt myself starting to sweat — one, because it was hot, and two, I was nervous. I had never been in a prison or jail before and had an idea of what to expect from the books our class read but the prison...

  • A connection with God

    woh 00When I was a child, I have so many things in my mind that I wanted to do when I grow up, one of those is to serve other people as what I can see my parents does to others and I want to emulate them. I saw how diligent they are...

  • Spreading our wings, through the grace of God

    esp fili 00I am Ma Josefa Taoc 23y/o aspirant in the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor Congregation here in the Philippines. I am for now only one journeying with the Sisters so, when I heard that there will be girls who will be staying...

  • A Blessing of Hospitality in Dumaguete

    anne 00As I boarded the small plane from Cebu City, Philippines to Dumaguete City to meet the Sisters, I was excited and a bit anxious to experience the Sister's ministries in a different culture and environment. I retrieved my bag...

  • An Experience of Growth

    f rose 00The Kasambahay Human Development program is a training course offered by the University of Saint Paul in Dumaguete. This year it is celebrating its tenth anniversary. The program lasts one year and classes are held every Sunday...

  • The extraordinary gift of healing

    pau 00Dumaguete Kahupayan Center, Inc. is a Pastoral Care and Counseling Center for women and children in the Diocese of Dumaguete. It aims to create a space where women children and other individuals will be respected, where they can...


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