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               At the invitation of Bishop John Du of the Diocese of Dumaguete City, the Sisters began a new healing mission in the Philippines in August of 2009.  
  • Blessing and opening of our new house

    1preview The presence of Sister Marilyn Trowbridge, on behalf of the Congregational Council along with Bishop John F. Du, Archbishop of the Palo Diocese...
  • All are welcome!

    8preview God provided a glorious day in Dumaguete on August 18th, 2012, for the blessing of the new convent residence for the Sisters. Archbishop John Du, now the local Ordinary of the Archdiocese of Palo...
  • What You Have Received as a Gift, Give as a Gift

    14a preview Many messages from the Healing Conference are imprinted in my spirit and in the active life of service to our community and to the poorest among us -- whom God, in His infinite goodness places along my path.
  • Gospel Gifts of Hope

    10preview The school year has come to an end in the west and everybody is getting ready for their deserved vacation. In this part of the world summer has ended and our more fortunate children...
  • My Hope is Only in God

    cristina di noccopreview A few days after December 17, 2011, the day that Typhoon Sendong dramatically hit Dumaguete City causing death and destruction, I awoke with these questions...
  • God provides everything for our good

    5preview Since our last update, wonderful, dramatic and painful events have occurred. They have caused terrible disruption, with the loss of many lives, property, homes, leaving behind...
  • What we do with our heart affects the whole universe


    Through the witness of several SFPs, I encountered Mother Frances Schervier. She said Yesto Jesus, who called her to “heal the wounds of the poor and suffering humanity.”  For me she was the first teacher.

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