A small group of Sisters came to the United States from Germany in 1858 to minister to the poor and sick. Sisters in the United States work in a variety of different ministries.



  • March against climate change

    mcc 0On Sunday, September 21 2014, more than 2,700 rallies worldwide were held, sending a strong message to the United Nations General Assembly which began its meeting in New York on September 23rd. We were among the more than...

  • 2014 LCWR Assembly

    LCWR2014 mMore than 750 Sisters attended the 2014 LCWR Assembly from August 12 to August 16 in Nashville, Tennessee. It was a very special blessing for all of us present. The theme was “HOLY MYSTERY REVEALED IN OUR MIDST”.

  • Franciscan Federation Conference

    w0The 49th annual Franciscan Federation Conference was held in St. Louis from July 18-20. The theme was: “Celebrating the Kindom Power.” Our two presenters, Margie Will OSF and Michael Crosby OFM Cap. shared their reflections with us.

  • Celebrating Associate Covenants

    celebrating mOn Sunday, August 24th about 80 people gathered in St. Clare Convent Chapel to celebrate our Annual Covenant Ceremony. The Franciscan Sisters of the Poor welcomed with great joy Joan Hock, Pam Rouster, Nancy Smith...

  • Assembly 2014: Being Apostles of the Resurrection Today

    ausa mOur 2014 Assembly, “Embracing the Call to be Apostles the Resurrection,” began with a warm welcome by Sr. Marilyn Trowbridge, and a prayer ritual during which Associate Gloriajean Wallace called each participant...

  • The Centennial Barn: a Healing Community

    usa mEven though they had a very limited budget, Dawn and Caleb Murray had a beautiful wedding – thanks to the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor and the Centennial Barn. From the time that the Sisters decided to renovate the old barn...

  • A new moment in our Congregation

    unnuovo mThe General Chapter came to a close on September 6. Now it is time to pause, to ponder what happened to us as Congregation, as Areas, as individuals. I believe the Holy Spirit worked once again with our frail and wounded...

  • Learning a New Way of Being

    imparando mSarah Hellmann, Keith Pfaller, Maria Meyer, Cassandra Drennen, and Caroline Drennen had a great immersion trip to Senegal to visit the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor (SFP) and their ministries March 2-11, 2014.

  • Sister Rita K. Kerr

    kerr mRita Kathleen Kerr was born in Orange, NJ, the daughter of Margaret (Hartnett) and James Kerr. She and her two brothers and one sister grew up in a deeply religious household. Her father, a Presbyterian later converted to Catholicism.

  • Fundraising Event for Senegal Kindergarten

    raccoltafondi mOn January 29 the global medical technology company Becton Dickinson (BD) sponsored an event for the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor at its headquarters in New Jersey. The purpose of the event was to introduce...

  • Blessings to those going to Senegal

    senegalblessing mOn February 17, 2014, Sisters, Associates and Employees gathered in the St. Clare Convent dining room in Cincinnati, OH, to celebrate and bless a group of young adults traveling to Senegal for an...

  • The Magnificat Community Celebrates Christmas Eve

    ChristmasEve mIt was the night before Christmas, and all was still and quiet in the Magnificat Community. We had just finished our customary daily liturgy – and we designed a wonderful little service as part of our preparations for Mass on Christmas day.

  • Planting seeds

    planseeds mThe Archdiocese of Cincinnati announced that it would provide buses for teens who wanted to go to Indianapolis for the bi-annual National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC) held at Lucas Oil Stadium on Friday, November 22, 2014. The theme...

  • New Leadership installation

    newleadinst mOn December 1, 2013, the first Sunday of Advent, we experienced a meaningful step as Franciscan Sisters of the Poor, as we celebrated the installation of our Congregational Leadership elected at the last General Chapter. The ceremony took place...

  • Associate Anniversaries

    guibass mI practice daily prayer and reflection based on the teachings of Francis and Clare and with materials received from the Congregation. I will continue to teach my high school students about Francis, Clare and the Congregation.

  • Jubilarians in the U.S. Area

    art.1 mThis year in the U.S. Area we celebrated 4 platinum jubilees (70 years), 3 diamond jubilees (60 years) and one golden jubilee (50 years). Over their collective 510 years of service, they have given much, seen much and, particularly...

  • "What can I do to repay God's goodness?"

    checosa mDuring the U.S. Area Assembly in April there was a celebration of the 510 years of fidelity of these Sisters and God's fidelity to them. However, at that time it was really only the Sisters who were present. It seemed to me that it was fitting...

  • National Conference in Nashville

    nashville mTwo of Tamar’s Place (Cincinnati) newest volunteers from Kentucky and myself attended Thistle Farms First National Conference in Nashville, Tennessee on October 13-15, 2013. Thistle Farms was named by its founder, Episcopal...

  • A Mass of Remembrance

    massofrem mOn Saturday, November  2 – the Feast of All Souls – we held a Mass of Remembrance for Sisters and Associates who died during 2013. We gathered together with Father Fred Link, OFM, as the celebrant, and both Sisters and Associates who died...

  • A Sabbatical Year

    subyear mLast Spring I requested the Congregation’s permission to take a sabbatical to prepare for heaven.  I am not sure what this meant for me  -- except I had lived a very active, busy life and was involved in ministry with our...

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