sv m“Driven by the forces of love, the fragments of the world seek each other
so that the world may come to being.".
[Teilhard de Chardin, “The Phenomenon of Man"]

Everything we are discovering about our planet speaks to the primacy of life.  
Behavior that denies this is destructive and fosters despair. Behavior that enhances this fosters hope.   
We are one, and our behavior brings healing or hurt.  We are in a very real sense our sisters’ and brothers’ keepers.  
We are called to be shepherds of this earth and of all the creatures who dwell here.

To Change Our Worldview

arteIt seems that we are called to wake up because there is no separation and we need to change our worldview. The consequences of this shift are unpredictable but...

Spirit and Matter

spirito e materiaCould you go more deeply into the concept of dualism between spirit and matter? Our second reflection will try to flesh out some of what may have been a bit complicated and...


The Scientific Attitude

scienza e vitaWe are aware that there was a shift in the scientific attitude in the beginning years of the twentieth century. Could you say more about this shift or change? What has happened...

Franciscan Science

eco 10 1Francis is an inspiration, but his inspiration alone is insufficient to guide us in contemporary environmental issues.About ten years ago, leading Franciscan scholars began...

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