Famiglie Roma 2016 03

From April 23 to 25 we gathered in Frascati, at the Centro Papa Giovanni XXIII, for the Family Conference of the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor on the theme: from the wound to the healing, between fragility of relationships and healing Famiglie Roma 2016 06energy. The group of over a hundred people, adults and children, from all over Italy (Veneto, Umbria, Lazio, Tuscany, Campania and Sicily) was quite diverse and was composed of separated couples, those who have remarried, and widows.

The theme presented really touched everyone, both individuals and couples. The Bible study, developed by sr. Michela Refatto through the passage of the disciples of Emmaus, introduced us to the topic, allowing the richness of our charism of healing to emerge.

The speech of the psychotherapist Silvia Della Morte made us understand how wounds can become wings. We experienced it firsthand through the healing experiences narrated by some of our friends: every wound can become an opportunity for growth and rebirth.

During the final sharing with the mandate and the blessing, filled with tears of emotion we felt that the grace of our charism of healing was at work.

Let us listen to the experiences of some of the participants ...

Famiglie Roma 2016 02Thinking back on my experience during the three-day meeting fills my heart and soul with many feelings. The testimonies have touched the deepest chords of my soul. For the first time in 18 years, my wife saw me cry. I thank God for having met you and for the stretches of the path of life we have walked together during the past 15 years. – D.

This experience has remained in my heart. From the beginning of the meeting I started looking into myself, as if a door had opened, and through it, the sun was penetrating. I felt a sense of awareness and clarity, as if suddenly I had it all figured out. For the first time in my life, I look at my wounds without fear and, thinking back on the image of the land full of cracks from which flowers emerge, I realize that perhaps the flowers are already sprouting. – L

Famiglie Roma 2016 04They were intense days. Going back in my memory to the moments I lived, I think about what each of us was able to give to the other, sometimes without even realizing it. I felt involved and close to the stories of the others, to which we listened in silence. Personally, I felt confirmed on the path of healing that I started long time ago, and I had a strong feeling that Mother Frances, with tenderness, was telling me: Go now! You are ready! – A.

Famiglie Roma 2016 01Do you want to heal? Faced with this question one can hesitate: a strong question, which goes straight to the heart, digs deep and, in a moment, brings all the frailties to surface. At the conference the sharing and the discussion with the other participants, who took the risk to speak out with strength and dignity, were for me the "salt of life." I felt involved in the experiences of the others, living the present moment with richness and passion. I perceived the actions and experiences shared as a rope stretched from God to each of us: it's now up to us to hold on to them. – F.

This was an important moment to take care of wounds, to learn to recognize them, to find their cure. It was also an opportunity to be present with all of myself and not be afraid to listen, feeling that we are not alone.
A moment of grace for all of us were the testimonies and sharing of our friends and the progress made by each of them, toward becoming strong people, healed, or on their way to healing. I felt God's love. - M


Published: August 22, 2016