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pfm 05Some moments of the meetingOn June 25th and 26th the families with whom the SFP in Messina have been working met in Savoca for the last weekend event of the year. In the morning, each couple was invited to come up with a creative way to represent these three stages (a couple yesterday, today and tomorrow). They were to highlight the healing steps between one stage and the next. Then on Saturday afternoon, each couple gave a portrayal of their life experiences, using their own creative style. It was very difficult for them to share the different paths of healing they have experienced over this past year, but it was also powerful to see the astonishing talent they discovered they had! Some used comedy, and that made for some very funny skits.

Mandala 2MandalaWe centered prayer around contemplating creation, constructing a mandala, and outlining the connection between things that might appear to be in opposition: joy-pain, life-death, ripe-dry, light-shade -- much as we tend to separate and catalog men and women as opposites. The opposition or ‘red line’ dynamic, however, highlighted the extent to which diversity is an element that joins us, making us part of the story of the entire universe. The same ‘red line’ links a couple: the experience of one mysteriously entwines with the experience of the other, and the two lives become one.

We then listened to the stories of ‘Group Couples making headway.’ We discovered, through their YESTERDAY/TODAY stories, that the "red line" that links the experience of many couples who have taken part over time with those who are present today, as well as those who, for various reasons, are now elsewhere. All of them have taken part in building today's community, their numbers forming an evolving community of families. We dreamt of the future as an open and welcoming HOME where every couple finds a dynamic in which to feel healing energy which they, in turn, pass on.
Lastly, a Couple of SFP Associates who were celebrating their 42th anniversary, shared their experience of life and faithfulness.  In this climate of participation, every couple renewed their marriage vows -- each freely and reciprocally expressing their commitment to their partner.

pfm 02The couples speakThe couples speak

“For me, it was like finding ourselves on Mount Tabor (the site of the Transfiguration of Jesus)with people who are true friends but, most importantly, with God who leads us by the hand along the path of life as a couple. There,everything tastes of love, a higher love, that ties the heart of one to the heart of the other by a golden thread, making a single united heart tied to the entire universe by a red thread.”  V.G.

“From a personal point of view, the weekend at Savoca was greatly enriching.  The experience of building a mandala from elements of nature, helped me understand and accept the fact that I must throw nothing of my life away. On the contrary, I need everything to balance my mind, expectations, mistakes and feelings. We need every dry leaf to generate Life. It embued us with profound sense of being blessed: "blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see God': I understood that purity sets me free and allows me to see God in everything, situation and person.

pfm 01Some used comedy, and that made for some very funny skits“From the point of view of a couple, it helped me understand that sharing wounds generates healing; it also helped me in many ways to listen to other people’s stories.

“Renewing our nuptial vows was as emotional as it was the first time we made them. I was churning up inside; it was an experience that showed me new life to live again, all over again, with new ideas and motivations.”  A.F.

“We rediscovered the origins of community, and it was like finding our genealogical family tree. Yes, family: because a community can be defined in no other way. It was vital to recognize and to know who, before us, thought of it and brought it to life. We have all taken part in building today's community. Along with those who have come before us and in their memory. It is a measure of what we are today as we  symbolically build the community of the future. A community of people on the threshold of home, ready to welcome anyone wants to enter: with somebody on the roof who is ready to protect our home and shelter it if bad weather suddenly erupts; another at the window to watch the horizon, in order to be ready to welcome anyone who comes near, and lastly a beating heart, that spurs and gives life to the community. Without the heart we could not find peace: our hearts beats anew, our wounds healed.

“None of this would be possible if we did not reach for God.  He is the one who moves everything, Who is everything. All those who give life to the community are linked to each other by a thread: this time however, the color is gold, the color of light, the color of God.”  F.C.

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Published: October 12, 2016

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