cappie ric 04We want to share with you a story about rebirth and Resurrection as told to us by a married couple at an SFP family meeting. It is a real life story that enabled them to start all over again with new hope and love. Here is their story:

Not very long ago, a newly married couple lived in a home whose walls were bare of memories, where beautiful moments had yet to happen. The husband was “D.” and the wife was “F.”
Although their marriage had a happy start, it soon took a turn for the worse as problems began to arise, each one more pressing and more serious than the one before it. Thus, arguing became the norm in their home and, instead of building happy memories, they built memories of bitterness and recrimination, as each one said words that hurt and that drove a sword, blow after blow, into the heart of the other.

She said to him: "Why did I marry you? Why did I ruin my life? I gave everything up for you and it was the biggest mistake I could have made, I hate you."

He said to her: "Then go, go, get out of here! Go back to your mummy and daddy. I curse the day I married you."
This was what the couple experienced on most of the days, months and few years they spent together.

cappie ric 01One day, though, their torturous path was marked by a providential healing meeting.  Salvation came from a small, gentle and very patient woman, a Franciscan Sister of the Poor. Patient because she had to endure hours and hours and yet more hours on the phone with “D.” who called her in distress, having endless conversations. So much so, in fact, that she had to switch to an unlimited telephone plan.

The Sister suggested that they join a couple's group, where perhaps, slowly, they might manage to find a way to forgiveness and reciprocal understanding. So they joined the group, giving themselves one final chance for healing. The path to a  resurrection of their relationship began with those meetings, and finally they reached an important milestone. On September 27th 2015, at the Mass of Saint John, they found a new opportunity to heal their tormented marriage. This Sister had an idea, she called it a therapy embrace.

cappie ric 03The couple looked one other in the eye and after some time, they broke down in tears. Someone from above took care of holding them in a tender embrace, full of love and gave them energy to start again. That was the start of a new beginning. From that day, the walls of their home began to fill with happy memories and gestures of sincere love. The couple decided to live for tomorrow with understanding, listening, and reciprocal dialogue. The opportunity to heal had been near, and they finally they opened their hearts and minds to one another. Of course, they struggled at times, but they learned to fall to their knees, and then to help one another stand back up again.
They learned to be happy, each day lived to the full -- as though it might be their last day together. This, of course, is not the end of their story: it is the beginning of a love story that still has lots of life left in it.   
“D.” and “F.”

Published: November 2, 2016