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Rel 02At APAI, the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor Daycare and Formation Center in Pires do Rio, we celebrate Fathers' Day every year by bringing the children and their parents together. Each year the institution tries to do this celebration differently.

On August 11, 2017 we offered a delicious breakfast for the parents of our children. During breakfast we had a musical theater performance and we prayed together conjuring a blessing to the children's fathers, extended to everyone in each family.

The teachers prepared a play called "Joanie and her Daddy"  telling the story of a child who always missed her father and so every evening, at bedtime, she ran into her parents' bedroom always giving  a different motive for which she was scared. In the end we learn that all this happened because Joanie missed her parents and she used that device to feel reassured of their love, and comforted.

This moment was very special, but what surprised us was the presence of so many fathers among the parents, a very significant number. Ending the party we sang Congratulations to You to the children's fathers particularly. We thanked them for their massive presence wishing that they enjoyed the evening, a very happy moment close to their children.

Community Santa Terezinha

Published: December 12, 2017

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