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God helps the poor so that they might be rich in faith and helped on their journey with His presence. Our charism of care is filled with this special presence. Being instruments in the hands of the Father helps us build goodness and give testimony to God’s beauty. Every day we meet men, women and children of Dumaguete and surrounding areas that we reach with our Center, with the certainty to find a family that will welcome them as brothers.

It is a joy to be able to see a smile on their faces! People, who are in need of everything, happily follow our whole program. The adults often offer themselves to perform some simple activity while the little ones are prepped to be sent to pre-school or other classes. This year we are confident that we will achieve a better result for many of them and that they have understood the importance of education for their future.

7 The woodworking shop

This expectation is supported because they have a teacher who has lived through their same experience. In fact, he comes from a poor family, has studied thanks to tremendous sacrifices. Today he is a mechanical engineer who, in addition to his own job, has chosen to teach the street children. He is an exceptional example. Sometimes he takes his five-year-old child to study with our children.

Some of the young people, assisted by a teacher, build baskets, furniture, shelves, and tables with recycled wood. To this joy and satisfaction there is the added incentive of receiving a small payment so they can assist their families.

We continue to discover the poverty of our people. Last week a lady asked: “Are you a nun? What is your ministry?” Hearing that I was returning from the Shelter of Hope she asked in tears, if I could provide help for her two-day old niece, who needed urgent heart surgery. With the help of a social worker and local public resources, we were able to help this infant.

A mother with a five-year-old son asked to give her son up for adoption because she was homeless and jobless. After listening to her, I told her that our Foundress would have done anything to help her and little Lanz. She smiled and decided to keep her son, in the hope of finding work in Dumaguete. This would enable her to visit her son at the orphanage.

I could tell you about so many other small miracles that happen in our healing ministry. The hope that people carry in their hearts is the fruit of an abundant love that Mother Frances has given as her charism, manifesting itself through the ministry of her daughters.
Thank you for your support and your help! We never tire of telling you that -- without you -- this mission would not exist. I know the difficulty you all deal with on a daily basis and how generously you offer everything to God for our sake as well.

We assure you of our daily prayers and our efforts to remain faithful to what God asks us in this ministry to the poorest and abandoned, and the desire to heal the many wounds that pervade society.

We say goodbye for now, with love and gratitude, and wish you all good health and much peace,

Sr. Armida Sison
Sr. Maria Atorino
Sr. Cristina Di Nocco