imf 04Since the end of June 2014, our "Hope Community" has enjoyed visits from a succession of sisters who spent a period of time - some shorter, some longer - living with us at the mission in Dumaguete. Every Sister brought a refreshing presence, joy, and help, which they expressed in many ways.

At one point, we found ourselves in the company of four Sisters from four continents! Although it certainly required an open mind, it was a truly beautiful and profound experience. We all needed elasticity and an interest in building something beyond the differences in our culture, age, and education.
Despite all our differences, we assure you that, with our love for God and for the Sister by our side, not only is this life possible, it is also profound -- and wonderful and fun!

In the past few months, there have again been four of us: one from the Philippines, one from Senegal, and two from Italy, our most recent arrival being Sr. Barbara. Again, this is beautiful community composition and we are happy!

In February we were blessed by a visit from Sr. Marvi, the director of our Mission and Sr. Marie Augustine, Congregational Councilor and Head of the Senegal Area. They came to find out more about the mission and visit Sr. Domitilde who is still with us. It was a time of growth and verification, encouragement and planning for the future. During their visit, we were able to bless the ‘Shrine of Lourdes’ which we have built on a corner of the property. The Bishop, and many friends and well-wishers came to pray and thank Mary, our Mother, for this gift. We also give a special thanks to those who also contributed to building it in honor of our Blessed Frances Schervier, whom you all know was herself healed at Lourdes.

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imf 01We were able to share with Sr. Marvi and Sr. Marie Augustine another beautiful activity we have undertaken. Following typhoon Sendong in December of 2012, we launched a small scholastic program in a village not far from our home. We have taken care of sixteen children who would have been starting their first year of primary school if it were not for this disaster. We have supported the children and assisted them in all ways possible, involving their parents -- or tutors, where applicable. We gave the children folders of scholastic material, and met with their parents or tutors almost every month. Thanks be to God, thirteen completed their scholastic year -- and we hope to see them all in their second year of primary education. Now we are deciding how to develop and consolidate the program for the next school year!

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Published: May, 5, 2015