For girls and teenagers at the St. Clare Household Education Center in the Toll Diaz Extension, on the outskirts of Dakar, Senegal

asg 01In all societies education is paramount. Nowadays education tends to be underestimated because of the needs of society: the cost of life and especially the loss of a sense of family are the source of many problems.

It is in this context that we want to talk about education and prevention against exploitation and trafficking of girls and minors in our Centre Sainte Claire in the Toll Diaz Extension district.

To better address the topic we have consulted all our instructors and our Director, Sister Angiolina Marino, who has been working in this field for four years. We want to share our working life with the hope of contributing to combat the exploitation of minors who regularly move to our suburbs, in search of a better life.

 What do we do concretely with these young women ?

As educators, we believe it is necessary to talk about their everyday life, the facts surrounding them, and it is also necessary to follow them closely, to allow them to speak, to listen to them carefully, to advise them and raise  their awareness on the concepts of good and evil and to inform them about the traps into which they could fall.

asg 04How do we do that ?

By educating them tirelessly and meeting with their tutors or the persons who are responsible for them we try to help them avoid family and social conflicts and, while allowing them to flourish, we help them maintain the values they have chosen. 

At the Center, we welcome them all: girls and young women without distinction .

We give them formation, we educate them, and to help raise awareness of their dignity as women. We are committed to keep this structure so that they can fulfill themselves.

What methods do we use to to combat the exploitation of girls and teenagers?

We help them know their rights and duties, so as to avoid the  problems caused by the deterioration of their living conditions in the suburbs, their family’s displacement from its traditional structures, and fight ignorance and illiteracy.

We place them in educational structures such as our Center or we send them to school, if they meet the age requirements.

asg 02What results have we got?

The first positive result is to see our candidates
accomplished and self-satisfied and the gratefulness from their families. We seek to facilitate their dialogue with their families so that they can begin to be interested in the education of their own children in the future.

We always ask people around us to join in our struggle, thus widening our circles circle of those to whom we reach out , using leaders of our cause as resources to give us lectures, enabling us  to raise some awareness.

At the end of the formation the girls and the teenagers are able to take care of themselves.  We have clearly seen that the values ​​transmitted had been well assimilated. They are able to recognize the dangers and lures of exploitation and some of them have courageously denounced abuses when directly affected. These are tangible and satisfactory results.

Although sexual exploitation is far from disappearing, we hope our contribution can reduce this scourge.

Thank you.

Article by your beloved instructors and Sr. Angiolina Marino, SFP, Director

Published: September 15, 2016