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From 12 to 14 May in Dumaguete, Philippines, six young girls from different parts of the Negros Oriental Island visited us for a ‘vocation weekend’.

Their arrival at our community brought great joy. Together we spent simple moments sharing thoughts and prayers in the soup kitchen and in moments of recreation.

At Mary’s garden, each girl used the symbols of the Mandala to concentrate on the beauty of the creation, find the depth of herself, and so to understand how precious is our life with its ups and downs.

Our Associates also shared some very intense moments with them, thanks to a Congregational video that helped us see how our life is growing and regenerating in the other parts of the world.

The young participants shared their thoughts about the weekend:

Mary Ann Saycon: “I feel very much blessed for spending my weekend here. The learning and the memories will stay in my heart forever”.

Mia Jalbuna: “This weekend made me realize that if you have nothing left in you, hold on to the faith that God sees you”.

Maria Josefa Taoc: “Some of the things I realized this weekend are: God is always with us; He has plans for us; and God answers prayers -- He never fails”.

Jewilyn Dumogho: “I never thought that my summer would be as memorable as this. I am very thankful to God for letting me experience such amazing things during the weekend”.

Trisha Mae Reyes: “For me, the weekend was blessed. All the sacrifices I've made [to attend] were all worth it. I felt the Holy Spirit in me the whole weekend”.

Jessa Credo: “I'm so thankful and blessed for the few days of my stay here. Thankful for being part of this unforgettable ‘search-in’ where I met other young women who are looking for an opportunity to find peace within themselves despite the trials and difficulties in their”

We are grateful to God for his limitless love and for the possibilities He offers us to continue to follow His steps…

 By Sr. Barbara Torregrossa

Published: July 31, 2017

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