• March against climate change

    mcc 0On Sunday, September 21 2014, more than 2,700 rallies worldwide were held, sending a strong message to the United Nations General Assembly which began its meeting in New York on September 23rd. We were among the more than...

  • Temporary Vows Renewal in Senegal

    rinnovovoti mThe Young Professed of Senegal Area met with Sr. Marie Augustine NDIONE (CCA of Senegal) at the monastery of Keur Moussa for a retreat from October 8 to October 10, 2014 to prepare themselves for the renewal of their vows.

  • A day of pure joy

    m0August 30 was truly a special day in my life, a day full of joy! After spending 5 years in Rome, I consecrated my life as a Member of the SFP family. The day I was to say ‘yes’ had come, and I felt protected and supported by...

  • 2014 LCWR Assembly

    LCWR2014 mMore than 750 Sisters attended the 2014 LCWR Assembly from August 12 to August 16 in Nashville, Tennessee. It was a very special blessing for all of us present. The theme was “HOLY MYSTERY REVEALED IN OUR MIDST”.

  • Franciscan Federation Conference

    w0The 49th annual Franciscan Federation Conference was held in St. Louis from July 18-20. The theme was: “Celebrating the Kindom Power.” Our two presenters, Margie Will OSF and Michael Crosby OFM Cap. shared their reflections with us.

  • Being Apostles of the Resurrection

    essere mOn May 4th and 5th the communities of Rome and Messina held their meeting and on May 24th and 25th, the communities of Pistoia, Assisi and Padua had their gathering. These meetings marked an important stage in the Italian...

  • The Aachen Pilgrimage 2014, 20-29 June

    pellegrinaggio mUnder the standard, Go to the land I will show you (Gen. 12, 1), more than 100,000 pilgrims came to the Aachen Cathedral to venerate the sacred relics kept there since the time of Charlemagne. History has it that Charlemagne...

  • Celebrating Associate Covenants

    celebrating mOn Sunday, August 24th about 80 people gathered in St. Clare Convent Chapel to celebrate our Annual Covenant Ceremony. The Franciscan Sisters of the Poor welcomed with great joy Joan Hock, Pam Rouster, Nancy Smith...

  • Lift up your heads, O gates, that the King of glory may enter

    portes mDuring the month of May, the Senegal Area experienced some important moments: the blessing of the chapel of the Community of Samine and the Covenants of the Associates. To be more precise, Germaine Diouf renewed...

  • Give and it will be given to you

    date mI am Sr. Mara Bellutta and on April 26 2014 I consecrated my life to God in the family of the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor. In the months leading up to this date, many people asked if I was afraid of dedicating the rest of...

  • Some Comments on the Brazilian Area Assembly

    commenti m“Our Area Assembly took place, in Goiânia, Goiás. Assemblies are always a time of grace and spiritual growth for us - individually and as a group. We were joyfully welcomed our Congregational Minister, Sister Licia...

  • Assembly 2014: Being Apostles of the Resurrection Today

    ausa mOur 2014 Assembly, “Embracing the Call to be Apostles the Resurrection,” began with a warm welcome by Sr. Marilyn Trowbridge, and a prayer ritual during which Associate Gloriajean Wallace called each participant...

  • Learning a New Way of Being

    imparando mSarah Hellmann, Keith Pfaller, Maria Meyer, Cassandra Drennen, and Caroline Drennen had a great immersion trip to Senegal to visit the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor (SFP) and their ministries March 2-11, 2014.

  • Marilyn B. Letter of thanks

    marilynB mDear Sisters, Have a bless day to all of you! I, Marilyn B. together with my whole family expresses how grateful and thankful we are to all of you the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor for the scholarship that...

  • Sister Rita K. Kerr

    kerr mRita Kathleen Kerr was born in Orange, NJ, the daughter of Margaret (Hartnett) and James Kerr. She and her two brothers and one sister grew up in a deeply religious household. Her father, a Presbyterian later converted to Catholicism.

  • As Apostles of the Resurrection, We build the Future Together

    a i mFrom February 14 to 16 2014, the Sisters and Associates of the Italian Area met in Vermicino for the Assembly. We experienced the joy of being together again and of welcoming among us Sisters Licia, Marvi, Giannica, and Marina.

  • What is mine through your gift, let it be yours through my gift

    votivincenza mOn January 4, 2014, in my home parish church of SS. Trinità in Torre Annunziata, I said my eternal “yes” to God with Perpetual Consecration in this family of the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor. The preparation time up to the celebration...

  • Blessings to those going to Senegal

    senegalblessing mOn February 17, 2014, Sisters, Associates and Employees gathered in the St. Clare Convent dining room in Cincinnati, OH, to celebrate and bless a group of young adults traveling to Senegal for an...

  • 80 years of God's blessings and wonders

    80angiolina mSunday, January 19, 2014, was a day marked by a special melody for our “patriarch”: Sister Angiolina Marino. It was a day of feast and joy in the courtyard of the KEUR M’BAYE FALL Novitiate. This feast was filled with simplicity just...

  • In search of a treasure

    jacqueline mMy soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior. The Lord leaned over me and opened wide the door to a new life. I give thanks for God’s serene gaze and free love. The consecration of my life to God...

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