giubilei“Shine like lights on the world,
as you hold on to the Word of Life..."

(St. Paul to the Philippians)


A Jubilee encourages the one celebrating the anniversary to reflectively ponder all the chosen roadways of life, including detours as well as the adventures. We all know that it can only be God’s Light that keeps one on the roadway moving ever forward.


For those of us privileged to witness and enter into the Jubilee of another, we have the advantage of seeing the lights of a person’s life . . . the kindness, the goodness, the generosity, and the image of God that comes through a life of love.

A daily ‘yes!’

hessler preview Sister Therese Martin Hessler is awed by the number and variety of experiences and opportunities offered in religious life.  “They all grew out of my participation in our charism, and the missions in which it is expressed...

In Celebration Of Your Years Of Co-Ministering With The SFP

skillman preview Karen made her first commitment on November 11, 1985 and her permanent covenant on August 8, 2010. Karen's independent study in preparation for permanent covenant was to write a paper on the new ministry...

In the spirit of profound gratitude

arleen bourquinPreview Sister Arleen grew up in Resurrection Parish in Dayton, Ohio and attended the former Julienne High School. She then became a registered nurse and worked at St. Elizabeth Hospital for three years before entering St. Clare Convent...

My life has been a happy one

ferripreview1 Sister Margie Ferri made her final vows on September 8, 1960. She is celebrating 60 years as a Franciscan Sister of the Poor! Sister Margie was born in Charleston, South Carolina, and was the first of three children...

Celebrating life while being in harmony with God

gorettipreview "These years were very special to me. It has been a great joy to dedicate my life to God as a consecrated religious.  Since my youth, God used the OFM Franciscan Friars as instruments to encourage my vocation...

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