Our First Annual Associate-Sister Tea Party

Recently Joan Mills, Director of U.S. Area Associates,  gathered  a committee to plan activities.  One of the first ventures – an Associate-Sister Tea Party – was a resounding success.

Held on February 10th it quite naturally had a Valentine’s Day Theme. Joan Mills, Molly Talbot, Jim Traynor, Chris Miller and Diane Borchers organized the festivities. They also contacted others and soon many worked together gathering hats and  tea pots. Some baked cookies, cakes, and cupcakes. At the last minute they decorated the dining room at St. Clare Convent in an elegant and festive style.

Associate Katie Huddleston’s delicious teapot and teacup decorated cookies were a great hit! Various teas from around the world were shared and sipped with relish. Everyone joined in the spirit, selected the hat that was most becoming to them – and a great time was had by all!

1a Selecting the first tea . . . Sr. Ann Cecile confers with Associates Barbie Bugg and Patty Grabow 2a Sr. Mary David looks fabulous and festive! 3a Sr. Josetta enjoying everything!
4aSrs. Tiziana and Joanne with James Traynor 5a Party organizers consult with Joan Mills 6a A large selection of hats were for guests
7a Sr. Marilyn and Leah Curtin 8aPouring tea for Sr. Daniel Marie 9aBarbie Bugg and Sr. Ann Cecile admire Sr. Tiziana’s hat
10a Kay Lynn Diltz and Clara Bushelman 11aJames Traynor, Molly Talbot with Chris Miller 12aSr. Joanne toasts the day...

Associate Leah Curtin

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