Flowers for Magnificat Community

 The Associates decided to present flowers to the members of Magnificat Community.


They prepared beautiful bouquets of real flowers, along with some ‘homemade’ ones which contained spiritual bouquets from our Associates. 

On Tuesday, May 7th, Sr. Madonna Hoying, Anne Cabanas, Julie Kraemer and Joan Mills brought each of the Sisters their lovely bouquet.  The Sisters were thrilled and thanked the Associates for their ‘Mother's Day’ kindness.

 altSr. Mary Madonna Hoying with Sr. Mary Immaculate Mendoza  altJulie Kraemer with Sr. Daniel Marie Meade
 altJoan Mills presents flowers to Sr. Ann Regina Raterman  altAnne Cabanas and Sr. Coletta Chalk

 altAssociates Julie Kraemer and Joan Mills create beautiful arrangements for the Sisters

Joan Mills, Director of U.S. Area Associates

Published: May, 31, 2013

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