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During the month of May, the Senegal Area experienced some important moments: the blessing of the chapel of the Community of Samine and the Covenants of the Associates. To be more precise, Germaine Diouf renewed her Covenant in Keur Mbaye Fall, Dakar, and Martin Mane and Salomon Manga made their first Covenant in Samine. They are our firstlings in Casamance!

portes 011.The signature of Sister Marie Augustine and the Associate Germaine portes 02Germaine and Sister Marie Augustine portes 03Germaine makes her Covenant


The Blessing of the Chapel of the Community of Samine

“Lift up your heads, O gates that the king of glory may enter.” These are the words of the psalm 23 that opened the blessing, and the first Mass, in our chapel on Friday, May 30, 2014. The crowd that gathered in the courtyard advanced in procession toward the chapel while its doors were still closed. Sister Marie Augustine remained inside the chapel, and the priest, in a symbolic gesture, hit the door three times with the cross. The most moving moment was the consecration, when for the first time Jesus, in the Eucharist, came among us to stay. On the invitation of Sister Maria Chiara  we had a devout and thankful thought for the “late benefactor” who donated the chapel furniture. Afterwards, a fraternal meal marked our day. The joy could be read on all the children’s faces while they sang and ran in all directions.
Before the Mass, Mr. Martin MANE and Mr. Salomon MANGA made their first Covenant as Associates of the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor.

portes 04The chapel of the Kaïro community portes 05The tabernacle of the chapel of the Kaïro community


They share their experiences in the lines below.

Sister Sophie Emilie DIOH, Sfp


First Covenant of the Samine Associates

portes 06MartinSince they arrived in Samine in 2006, the SFP impressed me by their warm welcome and their simplicity. While visiting themin 2011, I discovered through one of their publications, “Faces of Hope,” God's call through these words: “Become a bearer of hope by becoming an Associate.” I promptly offered my availability to God by presenting a request to become part of the Congregation as an Associate, and I am now at my third year. The day of my decisive yes, the day I made my first Covenant, was Friday, May 30, 2014. I thank God for his wonders and Mother Frances for her witness which encouraged me to “heal the wounds of Christ through the poor and suffering humanity”.

Martin Mane

portes 07SalomonI met the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor in January 2011. I felt the call to share their charism through the witness found in “Faces of Hope.” I learned that I could become an sfp Associate in my own environment and I made the request with the help of Sister Marie Augustine who taught me about Mother Frances. Today, in answer to the charism, I help poor and sick families through prayer and charitable deeds. In the parish, I offer my time for spiritual, social and educational matters, etc. A new life begins for me with these words of Mother Frances: “Let yourself be guided and lead.” This sentence motivates me to be “the steps and the eyes of the Sisters in the Samine community of life and everywhere else in the world.”

Salomon Manga


Covenant Renewal of Germaine Diouf

portes 08GermaineOn Sunday, May 25, 2014, I renewed my Covenant as an Associate, which is my most ardent vow, and my contribution to heal the wounds of Christ. I see great suffering in the sick people at the hospital. Until now, my journey with the SFPs has allowed me to better see and understand the struggles of these patients in order to help them.

This Covenant that I just renewed is a call to commit myself more deeply so that the Christ will be healed in these poor and suffering people.

Germaine Diouf



portes 09Sister Marie Augustine, Sister Elisabetha and some Associates, Sfp portes 10Sister Sophie, Martin, Salomon and Sister Maria


Sister Sophie Emilie DIOH, Sfp


Published: July 30, 2014