This year marks the 35th Jubilee of the SFP Associates. Some of them wanted to share their experience of “being presence” in their everyday life.

dic a clipsonI am a lucky guy… I have a job that I have been training for all of my life, but did not know it.

I used the word job, but it is really so much more to me. I get to spend most of my waking hours in service to the Sisters who gave, and still give, to the world at large for most of their lives. 

It is my pleasure to support the Sisters at the St. Clare Campus by helping to maintain and preserve the buildings there and provide a daily helping hand to the Sisters themselves.                                                                        

Brian Clipson

dic a paranuik



Here is how I am living out the charism of Mother  Frances:

- Bringing Franciscan joy as Pastor of my two churches, St. Mary and St. Benignus.

- Continuing to help the poor through our Mother Frances Soup Kitchen.

- Broadcasting programs on WLRU 106.9 FM, our St. Mary Radio Ministry,  which feature ways to help the poor through Samaritan Out Reach and the Homeless Shelter.

- A special attention to visiting the sick and shut-ins on a frequent basis.

- Bringing people back to the Church community by emphasizing "Mercy" in my homilies and resolving marriages not approved by the Church through the "internal" forum on a case by case basis.

I hope to make Mother Frances proud to have me as her associate.

Fr. Michael Paraniuk


I continue to visit my ladies from the parish twice a week.

I try to follow them even when they are in hospitals or nursing homes.  

I try to attend the funeral for the Sisters to represent the Associates.
And on behalf of the Associates I send birthday cards to the Sisters.

John Pack

 dic a pack


dic a dahlinghausI have been an Associate (co-member) since 1981. My life as an Associate includes prayer every day for the Associates.

Also more involvement in my church, St. Francis, by attending daily mass, being a lector, Communion distributor, seving mass and singing in the choir.

I support sr. Grace’s mission, and she spends a weekend at least once a month at my home. My service to my community is cooking meals for about 100 weddings and other occasions every year for 35 years now.

Yours truly,

Mary Dahlinghaus

dic a milburn


As an Associate of the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor I express the Charism of Mother Frances by being ever mindful of her call to heal the wounds of Christ by helping poor and suffering humanity.  Mother Frances' compassion directs my everyday life.  I also pray for the Sisters and for new professions to carry on the work of Mother Frances and her daughters.

Mary Milburn



Published: April, 14, 2016